Saints-Titans: Three Things to Know


1. STREAKING SAINTS: If the Saints can defeat the Titans on Sunday, they would stretch their winning streak to five games — the third-longest under Sean Payton. The won 13 straight in 2009 and six in 2010.

2. TITAN TOUGH: The Saints haven’t defeated the Titans since the franchise moved to Tennessee from Houston in 1997. The Oilers/Titans have won the last four games played and hold a 7-4-1 edge in the series.

2. BACK TO NASHVILLE: Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams held the same position with the Titans from 1997-2000 before becoming the Buffalo Bills’ head coach in 2001. His 2000 unit led the NFL in total defense.


Offense — Saints

Defense — Titans

Special teams — Saints

Intangibles — Titans


The Saints have dropped two of their last three road games and this one won’t be easy either. The Titans have already defeated Baltimore at home and will be eyeing another big LP Field upset.


Sheldon Mickles


  1. Mr. Mickles,
    Do you “ever” have anything good to say concerning the Saints? I am so sick of reading your articles everyday. It’s always something negative. Yesterday a big picture of Hasselbeck; today negative pictures again, one of Galette missing a tackle and the other of Brees being sacked. Come On Man!!! There are a lot of Saints fans around here and if you’re not one of them then let someone else write about them and get the hell out. We don’t need you or your negativity. Also, if you despise the Saints so much then how about about giving up those suite tickets and let someone who is really a Saints fan attend. You know it’s not always just about LSU! I am a LSU alumni but a Saints fan first. The Saints are 10-3 so how about giving credit when credit is due. Are LSU fans that insecure that they have to bash the Saints in order to feel good about themselves?

    Disgusted with negativity