Saints’ Brees helps Seahawks’ Wilson prepare for big game

NEW YORK — Since winning the NFC title nine days ago, much has been said and written about the Seattle Seahawks’ lack of Super Bowl experience.

While no one on their 53-man active roster has played in a Super Bowl, second-year quarterback Russell Wilson made sure he was prepared for it when the time came.

Wilson will take his first snap in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday when the Seahawks take on the AFC champion Denver Broncos in MetLife Stadium, but he may feel more like a seasoned veteran thanks to his experience in New Orleans a year ago.

Wilson’s main objective in going to the Big Easy wasn’t to party, but to envision what it’d be like when the Seahawks got there.

“I went to the Super Bowl just to observe and watch and do some broadcasting stuff, but my main objective within all of that was to get prepared for the situation,” Wilson said. “Just observing and noticing the time that it took in terms of pregame, in terms of halftime, you never know what may happen.

“You always have to be prepared for that. I think the biggest thing for our team is noticing that circumstances are a little bit different. At the same time, it still feels like 100 yards (long) and 53 and a third (yards wide). It doesn’t change.”

Before the Seahawks played the Saints in early December, Wilson talked about how he’s closely followed the career of Drew Brees — mainly because they’re both slight in stature compared to the prototypical NFL quarterback.

To add to his research on playing in the league’s title game, Wilson said he talked to Brees, the most valuable player of Super Bowl XLIV, last week.

“We’ve been in communication over the past week, just (talking) about the experience,” Wilson said. “Like I said, he knows that I look up to him. He’s a great individual and he was just talking about the experience.

“I’ve read his book several times … he’s just a great inspiration. He’s a guy that does things right, a guy that is a great leader and is so poised in big situations. That’s the thing you notice about him.”