Saints training camp: Results for Friday’s 1-on-1s

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Here are the results from Friday’s 1-on-1 drills between the offensive and defensive lines:

Brodrick Bunkley 1-0
Glenn Foster 0-3
George Uko 1-3
Akiem Hicks 0-2
Brandon Deaderick 2-2
Tyrunn Walker 2-2
Rufus Johnson 1-0-1
Lawrence Virgil 1-1
Tyrone Ezell 0-2

Tim Lelito 1-1
Senio Kelemete 1-1
Terron Armstead 2-0
Jahri Evans 1-0
Thomas Welch 1-2-1
Marcell Jones 0-2
Jonathan Goodwin 1-0
Manase Foketi 3-1
Bryce Harris 1-1
Jason Weaver 1-1
Matt Armstrong 1-0
Tavon Rooks 1-0

Notes: Defensive lineman Brandon Deaderick is turning it around. After a slow start, he had two decisive wins Friday. Offensive lineman Jahri Evans also had a big win, standing Akiem Hicks up in the same drill.