Offensive personnel groupings vs. Rams: Saints stick with the usual

One of the things that we’ll chart on weekly basis is the personnel groupings used the New Orleans Saints’ offense. By looking at these numbers, we can get a better understanding of how the offense is operating.

While there isn’t much to gather from Friday’s preseason win over the St. Louis Rams since the backups played the majority of the game, we’ll still take a quick look at the personnel groupings to get in the habit of doing so.

Two receivers, one tight end, two running backs: 26 snaps
Three receivers, one tight end, one running back: 14 snaps
Two receivers, two tight ends, one running back: 24 snaps

Not a lot of surprises here. The Saints favored these formations last season, using their 11 personnel  (one running back, one tight end, three receivers), 21 personnel (two running backs, one tight end, two receivers), and 22 personnel (two running backs, two tight ends, one receiver) as their primary groupings.

The breakdown from last season is as follows:

11 personnel*: 38.1 percent of all offensive snaps
21 personnel: 21.8 percent
12 personnel: 12.8 percent
22 personnel: 9.1 percent
20 personnel: 3.2 percent
13 personnel: 2.4 percent

(Note: The first number in personnel groupings represents the number of running backs. The second number represents the number of tight ends.)