Twitter Q&A: Will Brandon Coleman make the team?

Welcome to the first edition of “Three-and-Out,” where I’ll answer three questions asked by readers on Twitter. To join in on the action, follow me @UnderhillAdv.

With Coleman’s performance, what are the chances he makes the roster? Before the game a lot of ‘most improved’ talk. — @jared_mcdaniel

With the understanding that these things can move with each game, I’d say his chances of making the team are pretty low right now. He dropped two passes, one of which was intercepted. That interception was as bad as it gets.

My receiver depth chart is as follows:

Marques Colston
Kenny Stills
Robert Meachem
Brandin Cooks
Joseph Morgan
Nick Toon

I’m not sure Meachem is a lock right now, but he’s been in that spot throughout practices. I’d only put Colston, Stills and Cooks as locks. Coleman can still make the team if he turns into an absolute monster over the next three games. But the problem is that he’s going have to be a monster to get the job done.

Who has the edge in the CB spot opposite Keenan Lewis? — @datboywolf

The Saints would like the answer to be Champ Bailey. I can’t provide that answer right now.

Bailey hasn’t been on the field since July 31. While he was out, Patrick Robinson decided to step up and fight for his job by putting together a string of solid practices. To keep Robinson at bay, Bailey is going to have to show that he still has something left once he gets back on the field.

The interesting subplot to this situation is what happens with Bailey if Robinson wins the job. Will the Saints keep him around to be backup? I’m not positive the answer is yes.

Does it look like Sunseri uses his football IQ to its fullest of has he been limited by lack of physical ability thus far? — @BoatRich

I do believe that Sunseri gets more out of his physical abilities due to his intelligence on the field. He’s made a handful of plays in practice based on pure anticipation, including an interception during Monday’s practice.

The Saints seem to like him. He’s performed well on special teams, and was on the field with the first-team defense in dime packages Monday.