Sean Payton speaks about Mark Ingram, free agency, and Jairus Byrd’s health

Sean Payton spoke with Jennifer Hale during Monday night’s broadcast of the Pelicans-Mavs game and touched on a wide range of topics.

His answers are as follows:

On how the Saints are approaching free agency: “You set a few goals out. You have to handle your own team, which is always challenging. You’re seeing it around the league with different players that all of us know that are getting released. Mickey and I will work closely on that with regards to our own players. We’ll also be pretty selective and try to identify if there’s a fit for us in free agency.”

On Jairus Byrd’s health: “He’s doing well. His rehab’s on schedule. He’ll be cleared for minicamp. We’re really looking at about two or three weeks away from him being 100 percent.”

On Mark Ingram: “I spoke with him today. The good thing about Mark is that we’re real close with his agent. We work a lot with Joel (Segal). Mickey will talk with him quite a bit. Obviously he’s someone that we want to keep. Hopefully we can do that.”

On what needs the Saints are looking to address: “I think the trick is looking at the free agents available and sometimes there’s players available now who have been released that aren’t guys that we’re waiting for Saturday. So we’ll have a few players coming in even as early as this week. But I think more important how the draft stacks up at certain position. I think specifically there will be a few defensive players we want to look at whether they come the first week of free agency or later on.”