Sean Payton on Hard Knocks: ‘I’ll never be videotaped releasing a player’

The Saints could end up being featured on ‘Hard Knocks’ during training camp, whether they like it or not.

And chances are they wouldn’t be too happy about it. Sean Payton joked that he would “put on his happy-face” if the team were selected for the show, then added, “Who are we kidding?”

In other words, Payton wouldn’t be happy about being on the show: Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Diego, Chicago, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Oakland.

That might not matter. New Orleans can be selected for the program because they did not make the playoffs the last two offseasons and have retained their head coach.

Seven other teams are also eligible.

Payton’s biggest beef with the show, outside of the invasion of privacy, is that he made an ode at the beginning of his career.

“I’ll never be videotaped releasing a player,” Payton said.

That might be an issue since the show typically builds up to player releases each season.