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Bobby Hebert was ejected from LSU press box

WWL Radio analyst Bobby Hebert was asked by LSU officials to leave the Tiger Stadium press box during the fourth quarter of Alabama’s 21-17 victory against the Tigers on Saturday night.

LSU spokesman Herb Vincent confirmed Sunday that he and and an LSU campus police office asked Hebert to leave after Hebert failed to heed repeated requests to stop cheering, which is forbidden in the press box. Vincent said Hebert left without incident.

“We got some complaints from some reporters around him that he was cheering in the press box,” Vincent said. “So I asked him to tone it down. I continued to observe him and I asked him again and he said he would comply.”

But, Vincent said, Hebert didn’t comply and a third request was made by the officer, and Hebert again said he would comply.

“But on the last LSU touchdown drive (early in the fourth quarter) he continued to display behavior not appropriate in the press box,” Vincent said. “So I asked him to leave and the officer asked him to leave.

“He had three warnings. At some point you have to let the people in the press box do their job.”

LSU officials make an announcment in the press box before the start of every home game that cheering for either team will not be tolerated, per guidelines established by the Football Writers Association of America. Hebert was been involved in at least one other similar incident in the Tiger Stadium press box in recent years.

The Tiger Stadium press box was unusually crowded Saturday night as LSU credentialed nearly 1,000 members of the media to cover the highly-anticipated rematch of last season’s BCS Championship game between the No. 1-ranked Crimson Tide and the No. 5 Tigers.

Vincent said LSU officials had not discussed whether Hebert, a former New Orleans Saints quarterback and popular analyst, would continue to be credentialed.

WWL-AM is a New Orleans-based member of the LSU Sports Network and can be heard throughout much of the United States because of its strong signal. Hebert is co-host of pregame show that WWL broadcasts from outside Tiger Stadium prior to LSU home games.

Hebert received attention in 2009 for his boisterous cheering in the Superdome press box during a Saints victory against the New York Jets.



Brees reportedly wins arbitration ruling

Multiple media reports say that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees won an arbitration ruling Tuesday that could strengthen his hand in negotiations with the organization on a new long-term contract.

The ruling doesn’t directly affect what Brees will make this season, but it does enable him to make nearly $4 million more if he were to play under the franchise tag this season, then get tagged again and play under that one next season.

It’s more likely that Brees and the Saints will reach agreement on a long-term contract before that happens. The two sides have until July 16 to sign a long-term deal or Brees will play under the one-year $16,371,000 tender that comes with the franchise player designation.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees has plenty to be excited about today.

Arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled Tuesday on a franchise-tag grievance that was filed by the NFLPA last week in Philadelphia. The arbitration dealt with ambiguity in the collective bargaining agreement that players and owners agreed to last year.

The ambiguity was over whether another franchise designation next year would count as the second or third on Brees, who was tagged by San Diego in 2005.

A third tag entitles a player to 144 percent of his previous season’s salary, whereas a second tag is worth 120 percent. Burbank’s ruling means Brees’ 2013 tender would be worth $23,574,240.

If Brees were to play 2012 and 2013 under the tenders, his two-year salary would be  $39,945,240. That clarification could narrow the focus of negotiations on terms of a long-term contract.