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Former Saints offensive linemen Wally Williams implicated in a Washington Post story on NFL wives asked to keep quiet about abuse

Dewan Smith-Williams, wife of former New Orleans Saints’ offensive tackle Wally Williams, alleges that former Saints coach Jim Haslett and an attorney for the National Football League urged her not to go to the media about allegations of abuse from her husband in 2001.

Smith-Williams’s allegations are the centerpiece of a Washington Post story by Simone Sebastian and Ines Bebea, “For battered NFL wives, a message from the cops and the league: Keep quiet”

Smith-Williams, who is separated from Wally Williams, has been on various talk shows talking about alleged abuse from her husband, which consisted of pushing and grabbing during their 16-year marriage.

Smith-Williams says in the story that police officers appeared to help cover up the player’s abusive actions: ” ‘When the cops would come, they just said we needed some time apart, and they would talk to [Wally] about football…. ‘The police tell you, ‘You don’t want this in the news.’ I have things that happened in my life that there is no record of.’.”