Brain tumor symptoms

Brain Tumor Symptoms in Teenagers, Benign Brain Tumor Symptoms and Brain Stem Tumor Symptoms: Through the Bad, There is Also Hope

Life can be harsh sometimes, no matter what age a person might be. Among the more unfortunate parts of life is cancer, disease, and brain tumors, which never respects age, whether young or old. It isn’t fair, but there are brain tumor symptoms in teenagers and adults to be wary of. (Brain tumors are more common in young children and older adults than in teenagers, though.) Though it is still an unwelcome reality, it is possible to contract a benign brain tumor. Though still serious, it is more desirable than a metastatic tumor, which is cancerous. So, when a doctor diagnoses someone as having benign brain tumor symptoms, it means the brain growth is not cancerous. Benign brain tumor symptoms occur when a smaller group of cells develop into a mass of organisms that are not appearing to be cancerous. Though a benign brain tumor doesn’t usually develop into something cancerous, it is still possible, so regular medical checkups need to take priority. If someone has a family history of cancer, they especially need to be diligent about getting frequent checkups. Those who are often exposed to radiation or chemicals (like formaldehyde) should also seek frequent checkups to ensure their immunity from a brain tumor.

Despite people’s hesitations about hospitals and doctors, there are some very good ones out there, such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas ( They believe that patients deserve customized care, since no one is the same. They have technology and techniques that treat tumors, such as their gamma knife and proton therapy.

It is very important that every individual have regular medical appointments with a trusted medical professional, especially since brain tumors can develop before symptoms even show up. There is more than one kind of brain stem tumor, the most popular being the brain stem glioma. A brain stem tumor is one that connects to the spinal cord. Brain stem tumor symptoms are varied and numerous. They can range from severe headaches, trouble speaking and swallowing and vomiting, to trouble walking, and double vision. symptoms of brain tumor

There is more than one way for a person to discover if they have a brain tumor: through well-respected procedures like the MRI and CT. (MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a radiology procedure that uses a computer to produce images of body structures CT, or Computerized Tomography, is often referred to as a CAT scan, or X-ray procedure, The MRI is a better way to determine this, though.

Some Symptoms of brain tumor:

” Changes in any of the five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch)

” Change in how pain, pressure, or temperature is felt

” Loss of control over coordination, balance, or bodily functions.

” Difficulty doing things that used to be simple, such as walking, talking and retaining information from someone when they are speaking. brain tumor symptoms in women

” Memory loss, confusion

” Muscle weakness in the face, arm, or leg (usually on one side)

” Vertigo

” Changes in alertness

” Changes in behavior, mood, emotions, personality

” Eye abnormalities-eyelid drooping, different sized pupils, uncontrollable movements

Because of the extensive research done by well-respected hospitals, scientists, doctors, and universities, there is a growing number of research facilities and hospitals out there that help people in this situation. It is so important to consult a surgeon or doctor about serious brain tumor symptoms. There’s surgery, treatments and procedures available, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, as well as procedures that reduce brain swelling, pressure, and seizures. Pain medication and antacids are also available to help deal with some symptoms.

With Internet being such a natural part of our daily uses, there are a lot of great resources out there to seek out before consulting a medical professional. Some such resources are as follows: symptoms of a brain tumor

However, it is not wise to rely solely on the Internet; be sure to seek a doctor who can help you determine whether you do or do not have a brain tumor.

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