Southern’s loss to Mississippi Valley State has no immediate impact on coaching situation

By Mike McCall

I’m going to skip the recap for now, because if I try to type one more word about that awful football game tonight, my computer is going to die of depression.

But moving on from Southern’s historic 6-0 loss to Mississippi Valley State, the big question is what that game means for coach Stump Mitchell, who is now 6-18 at SU in the last season of his three-year contract. Losing to Valley — which had beaten the Jaguars twice in the last 20 years, won one game over the past two years and is regarded as one of the very worst programs in college football — is clearly not a good way for Mitchell to start convincing his bosses that he deserves more time.

While plenty of angry fans were no doubt ready to drop the axe as soon as the clock hit zeroes (if not before then), cooler (and wearier) heads prevailed among the decision makers.

Here’s what athletic director William Broussard had to say after the game, when he was kind enough to stop and chat before leaving to drive home:

“No decision at this time,” Broussard said. “We’re just getting over the sting of the loss. I’m as shocked and upset about this loss as I’m sure the coaching staff and players are. The sun will come up tomorrow, and I’m sure the (Jaguar) Nation will be behind us, win, lose or draw.

“It would be rash to make a decision at this time.”

Broussard said the issue would be revisited on Friday, and I’ll have updates as they occur.