Mainieri: ‘These last three days have been trying’


Coach Paul Mainieri met with reporters Thursday for the first time since the Tigers bowed out of the NCAA postseason by losing back-to-back game to Houston in the NCAA Baton Rouge regional.

We supply a few newsy nuggets from our chat below. Check out the above video, too.

  • Of all of the decisions Mainieri made Sunday and Monday, he is second-guessing himself on one: starting the eighth inning Sunday night with Kurt McCune – as LSU nursed a 4-0 lead. “Maybe I should have gone with Joe Broussard,” Mainieri said. Mainieri’s decision to leave Broussard in the bullpen came from his fear that the closer’s velocity would have dropped after pitching the night before. That’s what happened in the series at Texas A&M. “I was a little concerned, after throwing 20 pitches, would he have the endurance, would he have the velocity for two full innings, ” Mainieri said. The coach somewhat regrets the decision after seeing Broussard pitch three innings later in that same game.
  • Among all of LSU’s healthy pitchers, Kyle Bouman will be the only one who will be shut down, Mainieri said, this summer. Jared Poche, meanwhile, will get four starts this summer for five innings each in the Cape Cod Leagie.
  • So what’s the 2015 LSU infield look like? It’s too early to tell, Mainieri said. Tyler Moore’s status (go pro or not) will help shake out things, Mainieri said. “That could affect what we do with Conner Hale,” Mainieri said. Hale was originally signed to be a third baseman. “We don’t know how Danny Zardon and Kramer Robertson played this summer,” the coach said. “We know what we have in Bregman.” Mainieri suggested that two signees – shortstops Greg Deichmann and Grayson Byrd – will give serious competition to all infielders – outside of Bregman.