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Could one of these people be the Jinx?

A Bad Weekend for Louisiana Football: Could YOU be the jinx?

As we come off of a disappointing weekend for Louisiana football, with heartbreaking overtime losses by both our LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints, it is natural to look for answers or to want to place blame on someone. The back-to-back defeats were tough to take in such a short time span – former LSU player T-Bob Hebert took to Twitter to declare that November 10 would be remembered as “Black Monday” for fans of both LSU and the Saints – and everyone wants to blame players or coaches or refs.

I’m not a football expert. I’m an LSU and Saints fan, which means I’m terribly optimistic, abundantly passionate, slightly melodramatic and ridiculously superstitious. And I’m telling you right now, both of your teams don’t lose in overtime in less than 24 hours without that being some sort of a sign from our great football overlords.

I know you’ve all been thinking it, but I’ll come out and say it — SOMEONE in our fandom has a Jinx.

Heartbreaking, right? To be the fan who jinxed our team? Unforgivable.

We must move quickly to contain the Jinx, lest it spread and cause more heartbreaking losses. And, so, I present to you a three step guide for un-jinxing our teams. Don’t laugh – you could be the Jinx. I could be the Jinx. We all could be the Jinx.

This is serious business.


It’s important to trace all of your steps from this weekend of football losses. Did you watch the game at a new location? Did you wear a new outfit? If you wore a previously worn shirt, has it ever been worn during a loss?

What about your game watching companions? Were they different this week? Did anyone seem to be bad luck? Was everyone full of energy? Were there new, potentially Jinx-ish folks at your tailgate? Did you eat something different? Change your brand of beer or bourbon?

Think critically here. Leave no stone unturned. Something as small as a new t-shirt could have sent our fandom spiraling into a state of chaos. If you can’t find the source of the Jinx in your Gameday activities, think back to earlier in the week. Did you accidentally wear the opposing team’s colors? (Les Miles would not be pleased.)


Hopefully your thorough investigation uncovered the source (or sources) of your Jinx. To reconcile with the fandom, there’s only one thing to do: BURN IT ALL.

Just kidding. You don’t have to set fire to buildings or your friends. That would be a crime and we don’t commit crimes in the name of the Fandom. You only need to burn the clothes you were wearing. (I’m not a maniac.)

Sure, you could just not wear the unlucky shirt, but what if its Jinx rubs off onto your lucky shirt? What if you accidentally put it on? What if someone else in your household accidentally wears it?

Death by fire is the only way to guarantee that unlucky clothes don’t spoil the rest of your wardrobe. You’ll thank me later.

Places are easier – just don’t watch the game at venues you’ve discovered are unlucky for you. And remember, one place could be lucky for one fan and jinxed for another. We don’t know why. It’s the mystery of fandom.

People are a little more complicated. “But I want to watch the football game with my husband,” you’ll say. “My grandma isn’t bad luck,” you’ll protest.

I’m not saying that your spouse or child or coworker is a bad person you should cut out of your life just because we didn’t beat Alabama while you were sitting next to them. I’m sure your friends and family are all lovely people. But if something in your football energy is incompatible with something in their football energy, you should stay away from them on Game Day.

Do it for the team!

We’re counting on you.


Now that you’ve removed yourself from areas of bad luck, surrounded yourself with people of compatible fervor and disposed of items of potential Jinx-ing, it’s time for the final, and most important, part of the De-Jinxing. You need to make a Grand Gesture of Fandom to let all who doubt know that you love your team(s). It’s time to mobilize, to rally, to spring into action.

You could sacrifice the opposing team’s mascot to the Football Overlords, but this weekend that would be tricky. A razorback is really just a wild pig, so a cochon de lait covers you for LSU vs. Arkansas. But the Saints play a team with a Tiger mascot, and no one’s holding a Mike the Tiger de lait. (See above, re: crime.)

Light some good luck candles, hang up a new flag, put on a gumbo, paint your entire body, drive to Arkansas to scream as loudly as you can in person, change your ringtone to “Hey Fighting Tiger,” make your profile picture you celebrating a big win, send the players tweets of support, get a fleur de lis tattoo, only wear purple/gold/black for the rest of the week, listen to “All I Do Is Win” on repeat, attend daily Mass (whether you are Catholic or not), eat only pig-related products, go to the Les Miles Radio show with signs of encouragement, go see the Golden Band from Tigerland at Tigerama, make a Saints Game Day costume, get into a good jog while listening to “Eye of the Tiger,” channel your inner Drew Brees and “Finish Strong” all week, channel your inner Rob Ryan and eat a poboy while letting your hair flow free, channel your inner Les Miles by ignoring all timepieces.

Whatever it takes.

Do something to let your love of our team shine through all that you do so that those who doubt will know that you are a fan, forever and always, of our beloved LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints.

We have until the weekend to rid our fandom of the Jinx.

Let’s do this.

How To Properly Grieve After a Bama Loss


Look, I’m the first person to start the petition for Louisiana residents to have a day off from work.  We need time to grieve, and a #WhoDat loss didn’t help either.

I don’t want to see you make a fool of yourself by making rash decisions.  So, I’ve put together a few rules or overall common sense suggestions for you to follow.

An example of a rash decision:


Have you not learned anything from Harvey Updyke?  Unless you have the ability to eloquently articulate play by plays, don’t call in.  I do not want to turn on SportsCenter to hear a Louisiana resident cursing Nick Saban.  DON’T GIVE INTO HIS TRICKERY.  He wants you to do this.

SUMMARY: If you call into a radio show making ridiculous proclamations you are making Nick Saban happy and as a general rule we do not make Nick Saban happy!


In the words of one of my personal heroes, Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Exercise also helps you clear your mind.  If you’re like me, I am replaying that horrible OT in my mind, and if I don’t do SOMETHING I’m going to go crazy.


In the beginning of the season, I thought the “young team” thing was just a cover-up for a horrible season.  Y’all Saturday was a GREAT game.  We have a fantastic team.  Do you know how BEAST MODE we are going to be next year?



They are our only chance.  Let’s send the good juju to our SEC brethren.



We are resilient. We love our Tigers.  Be a true fan and the pain will soon go away, my friends.

Senior Pictures

Thank You Seniors!

Today is the last game for many to play in Tiger Stadium. The seniors will be honored twice this week – at the Bengal Belles luncheon on Friday and today inside the stadium.  Many have grand plans for their life after LSU football and they share their thoughts with us.

Seniors at Bengal Belles

Luke Boyd – Luke asks everyone to be “nice and loud.”  He says LSU has been an incredible experience that is hard to put into words.  After LSU he is headed back to the Marine Corps.

La’el Collins – La’el says staying at LSU for his senior year is still the right decision.  He wants to make the most out of life –  “do the right thing and good things will happen.”

Travis Davis – Says the key to getting ready for a game it to be prepared for the physical part of the job & spend time in the film room. After the bye week they are “Ready to take on someone else”

Jake Franklin – Says he has been an LSU fan since he got his first t-shirt in 7th grade.  His most memorable experience while here is the first time he experienced running out of the tunnel.  He is getting a Master’s degree and looking forward to the business world.

Kenny Hilliard – Kenny watched his uncle Dalton and knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps at LSU.  His comment on throwing the Ole Miss player – “he was in the way”.  After graduation he plans on starting a kids Foundation and getting involved with the community.

Jeff Lang – Jeff will graduate in Chemical Engineering. He says this has been a “dream come true” and has friendships for life.

Justin Maclin – Came to LSU when his Godfather was a coach so he feels at home. He has a birthday this week and says a win will be a great birthday present.  He plans to be LSU’s Athletic Director someday.

Terrance Magee – Terrance says he expected someone else to have the honor of wearing 18 this year and he hopes he represented the number well (he did in my opinion).  After football his dreams include working for the FBI and hunting and fishing.  (I doubt many fugitives will outrun Agent Magee!)  He says he appreciates Coach Moffit’s tough love when he first came to campus a little overweight; it helped him to became the player he is.

Ronald Martin – Coming from the small town of White Castle, he is making his community proud.  He enjoys taking the younger players under his wing and plans on coaching in the future.

Devante Meuillion – Devante makes his way to LSU from Seattle, WA; his Dad is from Opelousas he explains.  LSU teaches good life lessons and he plans on attending law school to put those into practice.

Connor Neighbors – Connor impresses many when he tells us he would have been the 6th family member to play for Bama had he selected to attend.  (His brother is on the current coaching staff so his parents have a big choice to make today.)  He wants the seniors to go out with a win in their last game in Tiger Stadium. He is getting his degree in business.

Myles O’Brien – Myles is getting a degree in Sports Administrations and plans on making his way down I-10 and getting a job with the Saints organization.   His best memory is also running out of the tunnel.

Elliott Porter – Porter’s plans include finishing his degree in business so he can become an entrepreneur.

Jermauria Rasco – Has big plans for this game; he wants to get to the QB early and often.  He comments that the noise in the last game was a big factor and wants the fans to do that again.  He says he does what he can and let’s God to the rest.

Tre Sullivan – Tre must be a popular man on campus; the other seniors say he is the biggest ladies man.  He says “people just like me.”  From Coach Moffitt he learned to do the hard things well and he will carry that with him the rest of his life.  His plans include to get his MBA then to return to his home town of Donaldsonville to build a community center so the kids there will have something to do off of the street.  (That drew lots of cheers.)

DJ Welter – I am sure DJ wants me to thank his Mom since he almost forgot her at the luncheon.  He asks the fans to offer as much noise this week as they did for Ole Miss; a “new level of loud”.   His future plans include the NFL and then business.

Seniors not in attendance at the luncheon are: Hoko Fanaika, Evan Washington, Chris Laborde, Quantavius Leslie, Logan Boudreaux & Logan Stokes.

Two former players returned to ask the seniors about their plans; Corey Webster and Joseph Addai are great people for these men to emulate. Joseph is in town to help out at Heritage Ranch because he wants to give back to Baton Rouge.

It was fun to hear about all of the seniors plans and I wish them all the best.  Thank you for your four years here in Baton Rouge.  Keep in touch.

CBT Roasted Pig

Who is in the Tailgate Tent Next Door? CBT

With no tailgates this week, I get to reminiscence about the wonderful tailgate I was asked to attend last week.  Eric Tweeted me that I needed to visit their tailgate and made sure I would come by telling me they were roasting a 100 lb pig with all the fixings!  (You had me at the pig roast.)

I found Eric with no problems because not only tweeted me the lot number but a picture of their tents.  They also have a nice sized banner that confirmed that I arrived at the correct place.

CBT BannerOnce I found the tailgate, I asked one of the ladies in the tent if she knew who Eric was.  She asked “He’s not in trouble is he?”  I assured her he was not and had invited me.  She immediately told me Eric was her son and pointed out where he was carving up a moist, steaming roasted pig.

Eric of LC CarvingEric welcomed me to the tailgate.  He called over Denis Simon another member of CBT and the one who originally discovered my tailgate series.  This group organized in the late 90s with 22 guys from LSU; they mostly knew each other from Lambda Chi.  Now they are spread apart from Houston to New Orleans.  They decided early on to stick with the number of guys they have so the taigate never got out of hand, they could stay family friendly (no dirty rap is played until the kids are gone) and they always invite anyone they wanted to come by the party.

CBT stands for Chest Box Tailgate; someone called an ice chest by that name once and the name stuck.  Each member contributes to the budget for the year and then the team decides the budget for each game.  (The budget for the Bama game is the largest.)  Three or four guys are in-charge of each game so there is only one tailgate you are working and the rest you are able to enjoy.  Three are no limits to fun, but there are no beer pong tables set up to keep the family atmosphere.

SpreadThe roasted pig was wonderful as was all of the dips and desserts that were spread out.  There was a large television set and lots of the guests were watching early football games.

Corndogs on the grill

Thanks to Eric for asking me to come enjoy some time with you at CBT.  I plan on coming for at least one game every year as long as you tell me when the pig roast is.

collage of the hog horizontal

Click on this image to see it larger.

Know a Tailgate I need to visit? Tweet me like Eric did.




A Man + A Plan + A Band = LSU Superfans

“Ole Miss is number three and we’re like in the 20s which is WEIRD so obviously THAT needs to be fixed!”


Better Than Ezra jams in Baton Rouge for their traditional late October concert.

I knew I loved Better Than Ezra before the lead singer made that statement last night, but afterwards? I was swooning right there along with the rest of the crowd at L’auberge consisting of every gender and persuasion.

BTE’s love for LSU is well-known among these parts, including but not limited to their Louisiana origins and stories from The Chimes and Fred’s.

Last night, they told of the background of “This Time of Year,” which originated while on their way to play in Oxford before the LSU/Ole Miss game, and got stuck in Clinton outside of Jackson.

The words and lyrics came during that time, because, “Let’s face it, this time of year has a special feeling to it. Am I right?”

Um, obviously.


Better Than Ezra’s drummer easily accepted the lead singer’s challenge of a solo…on cowbells. NBD.

Along with Better Than Ezra’s many pro-BR/LSU and anti-Ole Miss comments during the concert was a strong rendition of the LSU fight song, which led the crowd to chant “T-I-G-E-R-S,” then, of course, “L-S-U!”

Throughout the event and before and after the encore, the lead singer encouraged everyone to cheer for the Tigers and reminded us all that this was just the pregame for LSU vs. Ole Miss Saturday and the Saints’ game Sunday.

So….even if I didn’t love them so hard…I think it’s safe to say these guys are true LSU Superfans.

Rebekah’s General Warning:
Much to the author’s chagrin, no special attention or tickets were given for this positive write-up about the band. However, BTE, it’s not too late. Tweet a sista.

WTF rv

Who is in the Tailgate Tent Nextdoor? “WTF”

We’re Tiger Fans!

Walking around campus and looking for fun tailgates is a hard job – but one I have sacrificed to take on this year.  (Hope you can read the sarcasm there; I am loving it.)

When I spotted a big wrapped RV with “WTF” proudly displayed I had to go ask their story.  Of course it means “We’re Tiger Fans!”  What did you think it meant?

WTFTrey Boudreaux told me most of them met because they are neighbors and kids are in schools together.  The invested in the RV because their wives said they would come tailgate more with them; the wives did’t come to every game this year.

They had a nice green space beside their parking space until last week; LSU was adding a few much needed parking spaces beside them.  The kids were tossing the ball on the grass behind the RV now.  They guys had a large cooler full of beverages and a table full of food.  They have been tailgating together since 2009.

I think they probably had the best time designing their wrap job.  Many of our Championships are listed.  They have picture of athletes, but all the names on the jerseys are the names of the 8 who are WTF.  In addition to Boudreaux there is Mistretta, Jene Plauche, Mark Emonet, Richard Tilley, Andy Gutowski, Neal Manuel and Keith LeBlanc.  (I hope I read my handwriting OK there guys, please excuse any typos.)

Thanks for letting me visit with you!  I suggest to anyone stopping by and letting them show off the RV to you as well.

RV names




Who is in the tailgate tent nextdoor? Krewe de Crown & Krewed Awakening

Several weeks back when I started this series and asked who you thought I should visit someone posted “You should visit Krewed Awakening and Krewe of Crown.”  I finally was able to get over to the old front nine and see what all the fun was about.   They are easy to spot by the second footbridge; look for their trailer and all the flags.

Krewed Awakening Trailer

After you spot the trailer listen for the DJ.  This rowdy bunch hasn’t missed a home game since 2001.  Brannon enjoys getting people to stop for the 8 man funnel (no Senators needed); if you are walking by and they need an extra you are sure to get called upon to take the extra spot.  There is dancing, food and friendships to be made at this tailgate.

8 man funnelThe tailgate is merging with Krewe of Crown – RPH who tailgates right next door.  James Roy has the title of Director of Tailgating Affairs and even has the card to prove it!  This tailgate groups is not just for football; look for them during baseball season as well.  They have a St. Patricks day party and even go to the beach together.

They vote each week on a “Tailgater of the Week” and who ever wins the honor has their picture on the trailer during that season. At the end of the season the names are sent to Crown Royal to have the official sticker made for the season.

KOC trailer


They are a good group of super crazy fans.  They welcome every one to come by and tailgate.  They have even welcomed BAMA fans so I am sure there will be a few Rebels welcomed in this week.  Follow them on Facebook here.

Look for the Flags


Do you know a great Homecoming Tailgate the #LSUSuperfans should come cover?  Tweet us -

Drum Centerpiece

It was the first time I marched Pre-game. . . .

This weekend was the annual band alumni reunion. The President of the Alumni Association told me that this is the second largest group they have had to return to one of the reunions; there were 37 Golden Girls, 42 Color Guard, 18 Tigerettes (the baton twirlers), and 259 band alumni for a total of 356. With the 325 current members, the total on the field will be the largest ever.

I went to the Lod Cook Alumni Center to ask some of the biggest #LSUSuperfans I have ever met what their favorite LSU memory is. Some got a twinkle in the eye and I amended the question to a memory that could be shared on a public forum. By far many told me their favorite memory was the first time they got to march the “Pre-game.”


Phedra White Abbott (89-93), Beth Kutnner Clark (88-91) and Rob Kuttner (90-93) all said that memories of their first pre-game were their fondest; also running down the hill through the crowd was a highlight.

James and Kayla Alidor

James Lindsey Alidor came in from Houston for the reuntion. He said all you heard was the first drum beats of the cadence and then after that the noise of 92,000 (at the time) compares to the white noise you hear on a TV turned all the way up. He applied all of the practice on silent counts after that. (Pictured with him is his wife, Kayla, who said her favorite memory of LSU was making Tebow cry in Tiger Stadium.)

Claire Cagnolatti (74-77) of Dallas also said the first pre-game as a band member is one of the highlights of her time at LSU.  She attended games from the time she was 13, but the first time she was about to do Pre-game she had to work to calm herself.  She attended the reunion every year so her guess is that she has been on the field  about 28 times.  She appreciated every one; the first time she had to sit in the stands as a graduate student she admitted to a few tears.


The SwindellsWhen I asked Ed Swindell (61-64) about his favorite memory, his wife Becky sat up to listen.  They met on the bus on the way to the 1963 Cotton Bowl game.  When the band returned to campus, Becky’s friends were ready to go and Ed said he didn’t know what got in to him when he told them “She’s going with me”.  They decided the bus ride must have been fate because they never would have met otherwise – he was in the front row of the band and she was on the back row.

Another couple who met while in band was former Color Guard Debbie Whitehouse Dupre (85-89) and her husband Keith Dupre (85-92).  They met at practice on the Bernie Moore Field.  They both echoed other comments on hearing just the first 1-2 drum beats and only hearing the fans after that.  Debbie told me she just hoped whe was on the right beat and foot after that.  This reunion was the first they have been able to make since Keith is a high school principal and usually had a conflict.  This was the first time their children will be able to see them on the field so it was a special weekend.  Keith was also happy to hear present band playing the middle drum cadence that he helped to write back in the mid-eighties.


Golden GirlsWhen I walked up on three former Golden Girls, I didn’t know I would be meeting people I felt like I knew for years.  Rae Phillips Tulle (1964), Suzanne M. Minvielle (63-65) and Janet Pounds (63-65) all agreed that walking down the hill was exciting.  The crowd seemed to get even more excited when they would line up on the 20 yard line and pull off their purple capes one at a time for the crowd after being introduced as “Sixteen as the South’s Loveliest Ladies”.  The dances were a little different then; they were not allowed to touch any part of their bodies except for their toes.  Even after throwing off their capes, the uniforms still had skirts for modesty.

Long Time #LSUSuperFans!

Buddy BoudreauxThe oldest member to return this year was Buddy Boudreaux. He attended LSU for two semesters before leaving for a music career. He was a member of the band in 1936.  Castro Carazo who was the leader Huey Long appointed after he heard him playing at the Roosevelt in New Orleans.  Buddy told me that while Carazo was an amazing band leader and wrote many of the LSU songs we still play today, he was “scared of Huey”.

Bus Trips

If someone didn’t answer that their favorite memory was “Pre-Game”, then the second answer was the bus trips.  Steve Jackson (73-77) and Mike Arthur both tried to tell me their bus was the better bus. If you are reading this you will have to tell me if “Bus 5″ or “Bus 6″ was better.

Ruby NeelyRuby Neely’s (53-54) favorite memory also occurred on a bus trip.  On one of their trips to Ole Miss, the bad broke up the freshman bon fire by marching through it!  I had so much fun just picturing that!

To prove that the band members were still some of the biggest superfans, Ms. Neely told me she drives 25 miles each way by herself to watch our Tigers play with the Denver Alumni at the Krewe Crescent City BBQ.  This was her first trip back for an alumni band weekend.

 All-American College TV Band

All-American College TV BandWhile many of us remember the recently awarded Sudler Trophy, I heard many tales of the 1971 band title only awarded once (after all once you have awarded it to the best band why give it away any more?).  Dr. Thomas Guillot told me the band was the best part of college and his favorite memory were his trips to the 1971 Orange Bowl and being immediately flown to San Francisco by ABE to play in the East West Shrine Bowl.  They were awarded the All-American College TV Band trophy.  Mike Boudreaux (67-71) remembered they did two different half time shows for the games.

If you have ever talked to a band member, you knew they had a special experience during their tenure.  After talking with so many members this weekend, I became even more aware than I already was that they have a special friendship and love for each other and LSU than many other alumni.

2015 On The Books

Last week, LSU’s 2015 football schedule was released with the typical accompanying fan emotions, including (but not limited to) well-known irritation with Bama’s light schedule/bye weeks, curiosity over particular games (Syracuse?), and general excitement about another football season.


At the risk of hitting too many Geaux Bingo squares, I’m looking forward to seeing how our Tigers will play after this season as such a young team.

But until then, let the good times roll!



Post-Game Reflections: LSU Can Set My Universe Straight with a Win Next Saturday

A beautiful sunset as the Golden Band from Tigerland plays Pregame.

A beautiful sunset as the Golden Band from Tigerland plays Pregame.

“We’re 5 and 1! Can you believe that?”

A pair of Kentucky fans was discussing its improbable football success this season with the LSU fan standing next to them on the bus to campus before Saturday’s game. I’m nosy and I couldn’t help myself – “No, I can’t believe it,” I interrupted.

We all had a good laugh. Because, and I’m not the first to say it, this football season has felt weird. Losing never feels great and losing to Mississippi State in our SEC opener was brutal. Half of the nation’s undefeated college football teams are from the state of Mississippi right now, which seems highly improbable and wholly unacceptable. One of my first LSU memories is walking to a game while my Dad yelled, “Geaux to Hell Ole Miss! Geaux to Hell!” (I was mortified.) A rivalry with Ole Miss is part of my DNA.


For me, dropping out of the rankings, even briefly, was a sad gut check. I’m not new to LSU football – I was in college during Gerry Dinardo’s reign and grew up surrounded by choice words being hurled at Curley Hallman and Mike Archer. We haven’t always been a good team in my lifetime. I get it.

And I still love my team and our players, I do. I even like our crazy Coach. Even when he kicks a field goal third down instead of trying for a touchdown. #ShakesHead #CrazyUncleLester

third down

But the heart of my fandom has been during the Nick Saban and Les Miles eras. And that’s enough to get you used to always being ranked. To winning Championships. To always being bowl eligible.

I needed a pick-me-up from the Tigers.

Thankfully, LSU followed its stressful win over Florida with a convincing victory over Kentucky. The Tigers made it look as easy breezy as the picturesque early Fall weather in Tiger Stadium Saturday night. A two game winning streak! Rejoining the Top 25! Things were feeling normal as I shuffled out of Death Valley and into the abyss that was River Road traffic.

“Geaux to Hell Ole Miss! Geaux to Hell!”

The chant boiled up as LSU fans snaked down the ramps to exit the stadium following our defeat of Kentucky. Twitter reported that a sparsely populated LSU Student Section attempted to start a “We want Ole Miss” chant towards the end of the game. And, oddly enough, that Alabama fans started a “We want State” chant during their rout of Texas A&M.

chanting bama

If we can agree with Alabama fans on one thing, it’s that this Mississippi domination of college football is unnatural and must be stopped. I’m ready to feel normal again — and I think everyone else is too. So let’s say a prayer to the Football Gods (and LSU Jesus) for successful preparations for next Saturday’s game and healthy players. For good weather and cloudless skies. For better guest pickers on College GameDay.

And, you know, if you can spare a ticket for an #LSUSuperFan, I wouldn’t complain.