Vitter contributes to Jindal cause

Rather than being miffed that Gov. Bobby Jindal is mimicking his efforts to court conservative candidates, U.S. Sen. David Vitter told supporters Tuesday that he is donating $10,000 to the governor’s new cause.
“I’m hopeful it signals a bolder, more engaged Bobby already,” Vitter, R-La., wrote sup-porters in an email.
Vitter added that he will ensure that his six-year-old Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority coordinates with the Louisiana GOP fundraising efforts that Jindal is backing to create a more conservative Legislature.
The senator also shared a handwritten note that he sent the governor.
“Congrats on your decision to help the Republican Party elect more strong conservatives to the Legislature,” Vitter scrawled on stationary decorated with a drawing of the U.S. Capitol.


  1. Of course Vitter would support Bobby. They are both out to destroy America and Louisiana so that the rich get richer and the rest of us are slaves. But I will say something here. If they mess with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare every one of those traitorous conservatives will be out with the next election if they are not simply recalled. We are sick of the ones who caused the deficit putting the blame on the Democrats. The deficit started with Reagan (known as God to the GOP) and his trickle down economics.

    If Bobby had any patriotism at all he would donate his campaign fund to the budget of the public schools . If he is so sure of being re-elected he does not need to campaign. And Vitter is nothing but a prostitute hustling teapartier.

    Remember Republicans, don’t give us our checks and you all are out of here! Unemployment line here you come.! We don’t have to have homes, lights, water and food to line up at the polls. Seniors and boomers are high voters. It is more important that Americans be served by our tax money than that the deficit is lowered. Watch yourselves. Conservative will become a dirty word!