What rivalry?

On the field Alabama and Auburn make up one of the most heated in-state football rivalries in NCAA history.

But apparently vengeance is no match for the search for true love.

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron is dating Miss Alabama, who is Auburn graduate Katherine Webb. The quarterback and his girlfriend.

Guard Deron Williams is seen as the villian in Avery Johnson’s firing

The firing of Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson could have a lingering effect on the image of guard Deron Williams.

From all media accounts, Williams is seen as the culprit behind the removal of Johnson. Williams recently complained about Johnson’s offense, which may have paved the way for the dismissal.

Of all of the postmortem stories about Johnson’s demise, Sean Deveney of The Sporting News put it in the perfect perspective.

The NFL does lose some appeals after all

There is a story on Si.com that Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has won his drug test appeal for performance enhancing drugs.

The NFL ruled that Sheman failed a drug test for Adderall, which is a banned substance.

But Sherman tweeted on Thursday that he won his appeal.

Sherman wins

With Sherman still on the roster the Seattle Seahawks look even more imposing heading into the playoffs.

ESPN’s Rob Parker gets suspended for 30 days

ESPN announced that Rob Parker has been suspended for 30 days for his racially insensitive rant about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Rob Parker suspension story

Parker deserved to be fired for his remarks.

Yet, if he were to have been fired it would one of the most hypocritical things ESPN has done. After all, the network does encourage its analysts to make remarks that stir things up.

Is apology too little, too late for Rob Parker?

ESPN’s Rob Parker, who was suspended for racially insensitive comments about Washington Redskins quarterback Robertt Griffin III on “First Take” last week, apologized via Twitter on Wednesday.

Here is the Sports Illustrated story with Parker’s full tweet: Rob Parker apology

Now the question is whether Parker’s apology was enough to save his job at ESPN.

What do you think?

Site reports Hornets have trademarks on five nicknames

The website behindthebuckpass.com reports that “Pelicans” isn’t the only nickname the New Orleans Hornets are considering.

The website reports the Hornets have trademarks on four other nicknames like “Rougarou,” “Mosquitos,” “Swamp Dogs” and “Bull Sharks.”

Here is the trademark report: Hornets' name story

Tulane’s Devon Walker gets Christmas gift

It’s been a rough year for Tulane safety Devon Walker, who suffered a cervical spine fracture in the Green Wave’s game against Tulsa on Sept. 8.

But cbssports.com reports that Walker was recently released from rehab for Christmas.

Devon Walker story

Nick Saban speaks

The South Florida Sun Sentinel has an interesting story about Alabama coach Nick Saban’s remarks on a Miami radio show about some things that happened during his tenure as the coach of the Miami Dolphins, including his decision to pass on Drew Brees as his team’s quarterback.

Here is the link: Saban speaks

ESPN’s Rob Parker suspended for RGIII comments on First Take

The culture at ESPN, which encourages and even promotes analysts who say outrageous things, stepped over the line again on Thursday when panelist Rob Parker was suspended for comments about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III on the show “First Take.”

Parker, who has a history of being suspended from media entities because of controversial comments, questioned RGIII’s African-American heritage.

Here is a full transcript of Parker’s comments rob-parker-on-rgiiis-blackness.

Parker left his job as a columnist at the Detroit News in 2009 after negative fallout over questions for then Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli about his daughter’s marriage to his defensive coordinator. Marinelli’s daughter was married to Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry.

A network spokesman for ESPN said Parker has been “suspended until further notice.”

Here is the video from Parker’s comments. What do you think? Rob Parker on ESPN's First Take

Tulane is coming to the Big East as several teams plot to leave conference

Remember how moving from Conference USA to the Big East was supposed to be this athletic windfall for Tulane to lead it into greener pastures athletically?

Think again.

Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated is reporting that the seven Big East Catholic schools, which play basketball, are plotting to leave the conference.