Bronwen Weber takes cake in Big Gateaux Show

Bronwen Weber of Frosted Art Bakery & Studio in Dallas won the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience’s Big Gateaux Show with a palatial pastry inspired by Burlesque Beauty Trixie Minx. The show was judged by Ron Ben-Israel of Food Network’s Sweet Genius and judge of many Top Chef competitions; Lee Brian Schrager, founder and executive director of the South Beach and New York City Wine & Food Festivals; Chris Hanmer, world champion pastry chef and winner of Top Chef Desserts, Season 2; and Denise Mickelsen, senior editor of Fine Cooking Magazine.

Each cake was judged on taste, color movement, execution, technique, imagination and presentation of the NOWFE 20th anniversary. In addition, the chefs were judged on the use and tutelage of their Delgado Culinary School  students while preparing their showpiece and tasting cakes.

Wednesday morning food news round-up

NPR dines alfresco. With Israeli caviar.

MSNBC looks at the worst summer drinks, including a 1,600-calorie milkshake.

The Advocate has more details on Costco’s land deal while brothers plan upscale Highland Road grocery. Winner, winner …

Zucchini Ribbon Pizza — hello there, summer

Zucchini Ribbon Pizza

Photo provided by A Cozy Kitchen

Pizza seems too heavy for a South Louisiana summer. Bread, thick tomato sauce, cheese, meat, more cheese, 90-degree-plus heat, 1,000% humidity, even more cheese, bread, sauce. It makes me feel a little queasy.

But I live with a husband and a two-year-old who love pizza. And probably love making me queasy.

It’s a good thing, then, that I met this pizza, festooned with ribbons of my favorite summer squash and a kick of salt from shaved Parmesan, from A Cozy Kitchen. I think I’m in love …

Fast-food overload

With a two-year-old, road trips can be … fun.
With a cranky, hungry, picky two-year-old, road trips can be a chicken nugget death march. I’m completely and totally overdosed on fast-food.
Anyone got a great recipe to help me get back into the healthy groove?

Friday morning food news round-up

The N.Y. Times looks at labeling genetically modified foods.

NPR finds Americans think doing taxes is easier than eating right.

USA Today profiles Weber Grill’s restaurant.

Summer means pickles

Growing up, the return of hot weather meant it was time to tend the garden. Tending the garden meant it would soon be time for canning — tomatoes, squash, beans and, above all, bread and butter pickles.

Freshly canned pickles and squash

If you have leftover juice, put up some tender, sweet baby squash.

Fights would break out over homemade bread and butter pickles, but when it was time to make them, it was hard to find good help. The combination of a hot summer’s day and an enormous cauldron of boiling water for processing the finished jars was too much for most people. Nowadays, I’m fortunate to have a working and quite efficient air conditioner, and pickling has become much easier. As temperatures warm up, I get the itch to start putting up pickles as soon as I get my hands on enough cucumbers. This past weekend, I noticed farmers markets and grocers pricing and putting out enough cucumbers for a good batch.

Here’s the recipe I use. If you end up with some extra juice, as I usually do, I put up a small jar of pickled squash or carrots. Continue reading

Outdoor cooking goes upscale

Cooking at Viking Cooking School Outdoors

Brett and Kristin de Baroncelli stir up a batch of mashed potatoes Friday evening at the Viking Cooking School Outdoors at the Hilton Capitol Center in downtown Baton Rouge.

Looking to do some outdoor cooking this summer? Learn more in today’s Advocate.

Grilled filet mignon

Grilled filet mignons await students at the Viking Cooking School Outdoors at the Hilton Capitol Center in downtown Baton Rouge.

Keep your grilling healthy

The question the American Institute for Cancer Research gets most often at this time of the year is, “How can I make my backyard grilling healthier?” Continue reading

Tin Roof’s Watermelon Wheat to hit stores next week

Summer + watermelon + beer = perfection.

William McGehee, one of Tin Roof Brewing Co.‘s founders, said the company’s first seasonal brew, Watermelon Wheat, was kegged up today and will head to distributors Monday. That means it could come to a tap near you as early as Tuesday, and will definitely be offered at the brewery’s roll-out party Wednesday at The Bulldog.

Wonder dog: Curbside’s links delectable

Curbside's Polish Dog combo

Curbside's Polish Dog, topped with Tin Roof "Perfect Tin" Chili, shredded sharp cheddar, diced onions and a spiral of mustard, paired with their homemade sea salt and pepper chips, a pickle spear, and cherry limeade with frozen watermelon chunks.

I finally caught up with Curbside‘s links truck. They’d come to The Advocate’s offices; I’d have an appointment across town. Every time. Until today.
Holy cow. Er, dog.