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Penny the terrier

Penny the terrier waits to sink her teeth into a treat for pal Zoey's birthday party in April.

Baton Rouge eateries, like Sweet Wishes Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe on Perkins, now offer nibbles for our four-legged pals. Learn about how to treat your pet and get the low-down on pet-friendly grub.

LCI offers leisure classes

Want to learn how to cook Asian food? How about sushi, ice cream, bread, sauces or charcuterie?

The Louisiana Culinary Institute is here to help. The institute offers a range of leisure classes, usually on Saturdays or Mondays. Advance purchase is required. Click here for a complete list of classes.

Call (225) 769-8820.

Folse, Tramonto to cook at James Beard House

And the menu looks fantastic. The chefs, who recently opened Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans, will cook at the James Beard House on Aug. 8.

The $170-per-seat dinner, $130 for members, will include dishes such as warm sorghum-bacon rillettes; Creole snapping turtle with Lustau Fino sherry; grilled striped black bass with caramel turnips, braised Swiss chard and lemon verbena broth; pecan-smoked Berkshire pork shank with a vegetable salad, spiced pecans and Abita Root Beer syrup; carrot cake soda with Creole cream cheese ice cubes and bacon praline-bourbon brownies.

Stop. Bacon. Praline. Bourbon. Brownies. I just wanted to let that sink in.

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Slow Food slates social at Tin Roof

Slow Food Baton Rouge is holding the August social at Tin Roof Brewing Co., off Nicholson between LSU and downtown. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tours and samples are on tap (see what I did there?). The entire family is welcome.

Also, Whole Foods Market, 7529 Corporate Blvd., will donate 5% of their profits from Wednesday, Aug. 8, sales to Slow Food Baton Rouge.

(Sort of) Meatless Monday: Shrimp, Orzo and Grape Salad

Shrimp, Orzo and Grape Salad

For a flavorful pasta salad with a flavor of sweetness and tang, serve Shrimp, Orzo and Grape Salad.

Shrimp, Orzo and Grape Salad
Serves 4. Recipe is from the California Table Grape Commission.
2 cups cooked, drained orzo pasta
Mustard-Dill Dressing (see recipe)
2 cups green California seedless grapes, halved
8 ozs. small cooked peeled shrimp
1 cup diced, seeded cucumber
¼ cup diced green pepper
½ tsp. salt
1/8  tsp. ground pepper
2 tbls. chopped fresh dill

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Monday morning food news round-up

Palin, Pawlenty pounce on Chick-Fil-A fight.

The BBC looks at the future of food (hint: grasshoppers).

National Cheesecake Day!

Grocery store puts together Man Aisle.

The lure of hoop cheese

Hoop cheese made the best cheese toast and the best mac ‘n’ cheese. Back when mac ‘n’ cheese was boiled noodles with a little butter and hoop cheese. We bought ours from Bobbie’s Bait Stand, where the grocery section consisted of hoop cheese, pickled eggs, pigs’ feet, a bologna log and light bread. And you had to ask the cook to get it for you … .

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A Well-Deserved Vacation

Hi guys,

I’m at the start of what Smiley Anders calls A Well-Deserved Vacation. No big plans, but some serious relaxation is in store (I hope. This is always the time something large and expensive breaks, right?).  I’m going to try to keep the posts up, but it’s probably not going to be as frequent as you’re used to. I do have an excellent chicken salad I whipped up today out of whatever was in my fridge, and a few other things. We’ll return to our regular schedule Monday, July 30.

Have a great week!

Cooking up Olympic gold (gumbo)

Chefs John Folse and Calvin Coleman pour alligator sausage into Coleman's gumbo.

Chefs John Folse and Calvin Coleman pour alligator sausage into Coleman's gumbo on July 17. The two chefs are among a group selected by BP to cook for Olympic athletes, families and visitors at the London Olympics. The food was cooked in Folse's Donaldsonville manufacturing plant before being frozen and flown to London.

Chef John Folse and a group of eight other Gulf Coast chefs are traveling to London as part of BP’s Spirit of the Gulf program. They’ll be serving their dishes, like Coleman’s seafood gumbo, to athletes, families and visitors to show off Gulf Coast culture and Gulf seafood.

“As far as the quality of the seafood, questions continue to be asked, naturally,” Folse said, and the recipes selected use only fresh Gulf species. “We wanted to make the statement on the greatest world stage we have available.”

For Folse and the other chefs, this meant navigating a range of hurdles involving USDA inspections, logistics and U.K. import laws. Coleman’s gumbo originally included oysters, which you can’t bring into Britain. The alligator sausage also had to be specially ordered to omit any processed pork.

“There’s a huge amount of security, of food safety issues with so much product going into London,” Folse said. “The Olympics added a whole new dimension of security to the food.”

Learn more about the Spirit of the Gulf and get all the chefs’ recipes in next Thursday’s Food section.

Friday morning food news round-up

Calif. may become first state to require GMO labels.

Greek yogurt process draws fire.

Vending. Machine. Mashed potatoes.

Trader Joe’s!