SU AgCenter sets livestock show, meat sale

The Southern University Agricultural Reasearch and Extension Center will hold its 70th annual livestock show for youth Ferb. 28 through March 2 at the Maurice Edmond Livestock Arena, 14600 Scenic Highway, Baton Rouge. As well as a livestock show, the SU AgCenter will also hold a meat sale. A whole beef cow, 910 pounds of meat, sells for $1,850, not processed. A half beef cow, 455 pounds of meat, is $925; a quarter, 228 pounds, $426.50. A whole pig, 200 pounds, is $200; a whole lamb, 50 pounds, $175 and a whole goat, 40 pounds, $150. The unprocessed animals will be delivered to Cutrer Slaughter House in Kentwood or Rouchers in Plaquemine. Buyers must contact the slaughterhouse immediately following the show; processing fees are not included in the price. Call the AgCenter at (225) 771-2242

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