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Funny name, serious cookie


Opinions vary on snickerdoodles, but basic criteria are the evident bite of cream of tartar and a generous dusting of cinnamon and sugar. Photo is from King Arthur Flour.

My husband is serious about snickerdoodles. Since boyhood, they’ve been his favorite cookie. Ever. When I think about it, they’re probably his favorite food. Brisket, sausages, steak or cake, they don’t hold a candle to snickerdoodles. The upside? No matter how bad his mood is, snickerdoodles will make him smile. The downside? I never get any snickerdoodles. I also get to try every snickerdoodle recipe that crosses my desk, because I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t. Here’s a new (to me) recipe from King Arthur Flour … Continue reading

Zero Bar Cookies improve Mondays

I’m making the second test batch of these cookies right now in our newsroom. I really wish you guys had smell-o-vision … . Look for the recipe in Thursday’s Food section.