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Friday morning food news round-up

Inventor of Steak-Umms still tinkering with food.

Auctions of slightly out-of-date food grow in popularity.

Farm ID’d in salmonella scare.

Bacon dazzles at Showcase party.

Friday morning food news round-up

The BBC says a 9-year-old school lunch blogger can continue to take pictures of her meals.

NPR: Coca-Cola back in Myanmar.

Bacon sundaes and Burger King: “The great majority of the human beings in the country don’t give a fiery flapdoodle, particularly when they are just trying to grab a quick lunch or dinner at the drive-through, what ‘foodies’ are eating and blogging about, let alone what they have finished eating and blogging about.”

CNN: Foie gras fair or foul?

Man calls 911 over sandwich order, MSNBC reports.