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Wednesday morning food news round-up

Lionfish solution might not be so tasty.

Older women battle eating disorders.

Study: Low-carb diets may burn more calories.

A look at the healthiest fast-food breakfasts.

NPR looks at coleslaw.

Wednesday morning food news round-up

L.A. Times: Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo takes aim at Subway.

NPR trifles with trifles.

Try some royal jubilee eats with MSNBC.

PBS tenderizes meat.

Lifehacker tells you how to spin healthy food.

Friday morning Food news round-up

MSNBC: Leaving food on your plate could cost you.

CDC: Sushi salmonella outbreak traced to tuna scrape; cases rise to 316 in 26 states, including Louisiana.

The Advocate: Po-boys have a long history in Louisiana.

MSNBC: Meat = macho. On a related note, Serious Eats talks about how to grill the perfect steak. We’ll tackle the issue in our next section, with a look at newfangled grills (a remote control?!), and some great recipes from local chefs, like mozzarella stuffed burgers.

PBS Food explores sustainability.

NPR traces the history of fingers found in fast-food.

Huffington Post: Cooking at home increases longevity, study says.