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Friday morning food news round-up

And it’s a doozy:

Coca-Cola’s new drink a few drops.

Japanese firm pays $736,000 for a fish.

Home-brew kit lets you make presidential porter.

Homeless sell beer, dodge police.

New Roads cafe ‘safe place’ for teens.

Panera looks into ‘pay-what-you-want’.

Albertsons closures highlight state of industry.

Friday morning food news round-up

The Olympic diet (12,000 calories?!).

“Poking around in odd corners of the potato gene pool.”

Avoiding the grocery store, a 30-day challenge.

Cantaloupe, salads at center of listeria fears.

Friday morning food news round-up

Calif. may become first state to require GMO labels.

Greek yogurt process draws fire.

Vending. Machine. Mashed potatoes.

Trader Joe’s!

Monday morning food news round-up

TV hours may predict kids’ waistlines.

CNN presents weight loss strategies that work.

Drought pushes grocery prices higher.

Fruity summer desserts from Today.