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SU AgCenter sets livestock show, meat sale

The Southern University Agricultural Reasearch and Extension Center will hold its 70th annual livestock show for youth Ferb. 28 through March 2 at the Maurice Edmond Livestock Arena, 14600 Scenic Highway, Baton Rouge. As well as a livestock show, the SU AgCenter will also hold a meat sale. A whole beef cow, 910 pounds of meat, sells for $1,850, not processed. A half beef cow, 455 pounds of meat, is $925; a quarter, 228 pounds, $426.50. A whole pig, 200 pounds, is $200; a whole lamb, 50 pounds, $175 and a whole goat, 40 pounds, $150. The unprocessed animals will be delivered to Cutrer Slaughter House in Kentwood or Rouchers in Plaquemine. Buyers must contact the slaughterhouse immediately following the show; processing fees are not included in the price. Call the AgCenter at (225) 771-2242

Wednesday morning food news round-up

L.A. Times: Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo takes aim at Subway.

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Friday morning Food news round-up

MSNBC: Leaving food on your plate could cost you.

CDC: Sushi salmonella outbreak traced to tuna scrape; cases rise to 316 in 26 states, including Louisiana.

The Advocate: Po-boys have a long history in Louisiana.

MSNBC: Meat = macho. On a related note, Serious Eats talks about how to grill the perfect steak. We’ll tackle the issue in our next section, with a look at newfangled grills (a remote control?!), and some great recipes from local chefs, like mozzarella stuffed burgers.

PBS Food explores sustainability.

NPR traces the history of fingers found in fast-food.

Huffington Post: Cooking at home increases longevity, study says.