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Wednesday morning food news round-up

Peanut butter and … pickles?

Break out the gore for Halloween.

Greeks balk at past-due food sales.

Energy drinks, other high-caffiene products under scrutiny.

National Boston Cream Pie Day!

Summer means pickles

Growing up, the return of hot weather meant it was time to tend the garden. Tending the garden meant it would soon be time for canning — tomatoes, squash, beans and, above all, bread and butter pickles.

Freshly canned pickles and squash

If you have leftover juice, put up some tender, sweet baby squash.

Fights would break out over homemade bread and butter pickles, but when it was time to make them, it was hard to find good help. The combination of a hot summer’s day and an enormous cauldron of boiling water for processing the finished jars was too much for most people. Nowadays, I’m fortunate to have a working and quite efficient air conditioner, and pickling has become much easier. As temperatures warm up, I get the itch to start putting up pickles as soon as I get my hands on enough cucumbers. This past weekend, I noticed farmers markets and grocers pricing and putting out enough cucumbers for a good batch.

Here’s the recipe I use. If you end up with some extra juice, as I usually do, I put up a small jar of pickled squash or carrots. Continue reading