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Meatless Monday: Greek Vegetable Sandwiches

Greek Vegetable Sandwiches

Greek Vegetable Sandwiches
Makes 6 sandwiches. Recipe is from Margo Bouanchaud (Hayes) and Mary Ann Monsour’s “Culinary Secrets” cookbook.

1 medium eggplant, sliced into 1/2-inch rounds
1 large onion
Cavender’s Greek seasoning
6 poppy seed or onion sandwich rolls
Basil olive oil (or other herb-infused oil)
Spinach or basil leaves
1 tomato, sliced
6 mozzarella slices

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Tony Chachere’s pitches new line of sauces

The Louisiana seasoning giant has introduced a new line of sandwich sauces to replace what may be American eaters’ most conventional condiments.

“Just one, that’s all you need,” said Celeste Chachere, marketing and development coordinator for Tony Chachere’s, on Monday as she rushed through the Louisiana State Capitol Rotunda where the company had set up a display of the new sauces, soon to hit store shelves all over the state in the next two weeks.

Tony Chachere’s – along with the help of Troy Landry, one of the state’s newest and most animated of icons for his role on “Swamp People” – announced the new line of four sandwich sauces from the steps of the Capitol.

“Just like our old laws, you can throw them away,” Landry told the small crowd gathered on the sweltering steps Monday afternoon. “Your old mayo, mustard and ketchup, throw that in the garbage.”

The new line of sauces are all mayonnaise based, but each with a special blend of spices, lending to their names: Creole, Bar-B-Que, Zesty and Spicy-Sweet. They are “very versatile,” Chachere says and can be used as spreads, dips, mixed into salads and other culinary creations. The sauces began as a idea several years ago, and have been in development for about a year, Chachere said.

“This a product you can use everyday: In your home, packing it in lunchboxes, tailgating, barbecues in the backyard,” she added. “This is a product that’s meant to be quick and easy and elevate a meal from ordinary to extraordinary.”