Anthony Johnson announces he’ll make early NFL jump

Anthony Johnson will enter the draft, he says. (AP)

LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson announced on Twitter on Thursday that he’ll forgo his senior year and enter the NFL draft.

Johnson is one of six draft-eligible LSU players who are projected to be selected in the top four rounds of the draft. The list includes receivers Odell Beckham, Jr. and Jarvis Landry, defensive tackle Ego Ferguson and running back Jeremy Hill and left tackle La’el Collins.

Team spokesman Michael Bonnette said other LSU players will announce their decisions “early next week,” possibly Monday.

Johnson struggled at times this season and was victim of double teams. He finished 13th on the team in tackles. Ferguson overshadowed him and moved ahead of him in many draft projections. has Johnson ranked as the 10th best defensive lineman in the draft, putting him among those picked in the third or fourth rounds. Johnson signed with LSU three years ago as the No. 1 rated defensive tackle out of O. Perry Walk High.


  1. AJ is my cousin n I love him to death I’m so proud of you keep god first n you will reach the top the Morgan n Jones family will continue to scream your name we no u can do it congrats cousin .New Orleans Saints needs to pick him up Who DAT Nation

  2. So “The Freak” is leaving early — I’ll shed few tears. Johnson is the biggest disappointment at Defensive Tackle since Chris Davenport & Al Woods. Johnson’s selection as All-SEC is a joke — a tribute to pre-season hype over on-field performance. He’s only the second-best starting DT on LSU’s mediocre D-line. A free agent at best – I’ll be surprised if he’s drafted.

  3. If Miles keeps Anthony Jennings (Jordan Jefferson Jr.) at QB with out giving Rivers or someone else a solid shot at QB, like he did Jordan Jefferson Jr. (Anthony Jennings). I’d say that he’s a major ASS, and that LSU should dump him. I really used to like Miles until it became obvious as the nose on your face that he can’t himself nor can he hire someone who knows how to manage the clock. It’s ridiculous. I’m never gonna forget 21-0 either. That was really pathetic. I’ve been with LSU since Billy Cannon, but sometimes ya gotta man up and tell it like it is.

  4. Johnson is a Bush league joker. What kind of man has to fake an injury when he’s getting his but whipped on the field? I hope he gets injured before the Draft and never plays. The league doesn’t need guys like that. That kind of character is why he was such a disappointment at LSU.

  5. It’s sad that these guys are leaving school early,on bad advice . What ever happen to getting an education. He had trouble with college offensive line, how he figure he will have success with nfl linemen

  6. I think Johnson should stay in school and work on improving his game, he had a disappointing season for the talent he has. If he would stay he would be a higher sdraft pick next year