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One “Odell Of A Catch,” LSU coach Les Miles says Beckham constantly made one-handed grabs while at LSU

In Monday’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” blog on, Peter King takes an in depth look into the spectacular one-handed touchdown grab made by LSU rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for the New York Giants in their 31-28 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

King got in touch with LSU coach Les Miles, who said: ““I’m not one for social media, but I’m told a lot of our players were on there tonight after the catch saying, ‘That’s nothing compared to what he did in practice.’ You have to understand: We have seen this before. I just want you to know that.”

Miles told King that Beckham and LSU rookie receiver Jarvis Landry, currently playing for the Miami Dolphins, pushed each other during Tigers practices last year.

” “I think—and I might be wrong—it was Jarvis who started making the one-handed catches at practice. And when he did it, Odell had to do it. At first, you know, the coach in me said, ‘Use two hands!’ But there are some catches you can’t use two hands to make. There are some balls you’ll just never get two hands on.”

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Live updates during the Monday lunch press conference of LSU coach Les Miles

Live Blog Live updates during the Monday lunch press conference of LSU coach Les Miles

LSU football coach Les Miles ranks No. 7 among NCAA football coach salaries

MilesLSU football coach Les Miles had the seventh-highest salary among NCAA college football coaches with a total of $4,369,582 in pay last year, according to research from USA Today.

Miles is paid $4.3 million from LSU and made $69,582 in outside income, as reported by The Advocate in July.


Alabama coach Nick Saban tops the list with a total salary of $7,160,187.

Ragin’ Cajuns coach Mark Hudspeth ranks No. 71 on the list with an annual salary of $1 million and $3,156 in outside pay.

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