Jefferson t-shirt design spoof hits the web

Is there any surer sign in modern American culture of fame – or infamy – than to inspire a T-shirt design?

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson has apparently risen to that level of notoriety with this design, which while it doesn’t appear to be actually available for purchase, probably could be ready to ship with just a little silkscreeining effort.

The shirt, which features images of 49 shoes and a pair of handcuffs, takes its cue from the 49 pairs of shoes police took out of his apartment as evidence in the bar fight case that led to his arrest for second-degree battery last week.

In poor taste or darkly humurous? We leave it for you, dear reader, to decide.



  1. My opinion is if Jordon Jefferson & his family can’t get any of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt, (which I don’t guess they could) I don’t think it should be produced. It’s not humerous, rather mean I think. He is accused, not convicted.