LSU football chat with Les East, 3-4 p.m.


  1. Les

    Haven’t seen LSU come out of the gates this good….ever. How much improvement is there in this team? When do we see this team get tested?

  2. At the next opportunity why don’t one of you guys tell/ask coach Miles to do something
    about all of the trash talking, particularly by the defensive backs. Maybe if they used some of that energy toward playing defense they wouldn’t have been burned so many times at WVU. Additionally, it really makes the LSU program look “bush league”. These guys ought to act like they belong in the elite teams in football.


    Jerry (retired LSU Department Haed)

  3. I heard on the news and read in the paper the couple that was beat up and the young man hit with a brick. I to along with my friends were cursed spit at and shoved the entire day.I will only say I hope WV does NOT become an sec team. They have NO class.even though other venues harras you it is mild compared to what we went through. For these young thug want to be . The sec has to much class and respect for you toothless PCs of crap redneck hillbily’s just remember LSU forever