LSU wishes Mizzou luck and comparing the SEC’s tiger mascots

Everyone has heard of Southern hospitality, but this may be a new spin on an old ideal.

LSU’s athletic department recently took out this full color ad in the Shreveport Times, wishing new SEC member Missouri good luck in Monday’s AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl against North Carolina (4 p.m., ESPN2).

Ad taken out by LSU in the Shreveport Times





Officials at the SEC office have yet to release the 2012 conference football schedule, but it’s not expected that LSU and Missouri will play each other this coming season. It is expect that LSU will play Texas A&M – which will almost certainly be planted in the SEC West – and there have been some reports that the Tigers and Aggies will play in College Station.

On a side note, Tigers will soon be the most common nickname in the SEC, breaking a long-standing tie with Bulldogs (Georgia, Mississippi State).

In case you’re wondering, Missouri’s Tiger is named Truman, yes, after President Harry S Truman, a native of Independence, Mo. Here’s what Truman looks like:

Missouri's Truman the Tiger








Then, of course, you have Auburn’s Tiger mascot, Aubie:

Aubie in his natural habitat, Jordan-Hare Stadium







I may be biased, but I think Mike the Tiger is tops. Truman looks a bit too cartoonish for my taste and Aubie has always looked a bit emaciated – like he was in need of a muffaletta sandwich or something.

And while we’re going way off the original track, I thought we’d add one more thought to this mascot mashup: LSU is the only one of the three to have a live Bengal tiger mascot on its campus, though Auburn of course has an eagle. One of my Missouri-educated friends humorously said his school is more interested in education than running a zoo. No wild animals for them.


  1. After seeing this ad during the MU/NC game in Shreveport I was compelled to write you.

    First, being a Mizzou fanatic from my days attending the university in the late 60’s, I have seen their football program go through many peaks and valleys. From Dan Devine to Gary Pinkel, and all those in between. Good times and bad times.

    I have to say that the move from the Big 12, 8, whatever, recently, to the SEC has to rank as being right up there on the good times chart. The placing of this ad to be seen on national TV only shows the class of LSU and the SEC in general. I will tell you that I supported this move from the get-go. I have and currently still do get tons of flack from friends still supporting the Big 12, calling Mizzou “a rat jumping ship”. My response is that Mizzou jumped a ship full of rats! Or should I say just 2 rats, 8 mice and 4 evacuee’s. Living in Dallas for 16 years I have had to endure the OK/TX swagger and arrogance while the remaining teams are considered red headed step children. If ANYTHING is not good for TX or OK, it is not good for the conference. While LSU shows class is welcoming MU, OK’s president is stating that MU would be nothing but wallflowers in the SEC. Therein lies the difference between the two conferences. Has anyone seen OK or TX ads welcoming TCU? There is and will never be conference loyalty in the Big (whatever) as long as those two schools steer the conference ship.

    I am grateful that Mizzou had the courage to make a bold move and grateful the SEC saw an opportunity. A&M, Nebraska and Colorado saw the same light and I wish them all success (except when A&M plays Mizzou). The SEC brings class, stability, equality, integrity and national recognition. 3 years from now will document how good a move this was for all parties, while the Big whatever and other conferences scramble to remotely resemble what the SEC has attained. I am very confident Mizzou will compete at all levels and I look forward to once again being proud of my team and it’s athletic affiliation.

    Again, thanks for making us feel welcomed and let the good times begin!