Miles calls QB Harris ‘a future’ and more links

LSU coach Les Miles, during an unusual November in-home visit, called Parkway quarterback Brandon Harris “kind of a future for us,” the Shreveport Times reported Monday.

Les Miles and Cam Cameron exit LSU’s private plane for their visit to QB Brandon Harris (Douglas Collier | Shreveport Times).

Harris, a four-star rated prospect, used a new NCAA policy last week when he signed an Institutional Financial Aid Agreement to play for the Tigers. The NCAA legislation – which binds LSU to Harris and not Harris to the school – gives high school seniors who are on schedule to graduate at mid-year and who plan to enroll in college in spring an opportunity to sign early.

Coaches can then have access to these high school senior signees during what normally is considered a quiet period, time in which coaches cannot make contact. Miles used the legislation, visiting Harris on Monday along with LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

The most interesting nugget? Miles suggested that Harris could be the Tigers’ future at QB and would get every chance to win the job in the spring.

“Tremendous quarterback,” he told the Shreveport Times. “Kind of a future for us.”

There isn’t necessarily an heir apparent to senior starter Zach Mettenberger, Miles said. Freshman Anthony Jennings has seen limited time.

Said Miles of Harris: “He’ll be in in the spring. He’ll have an opportunity to compete and learn the offense. There’s not necessarily the next guy on campus. We’ll let competition make its way.”

And, now, for some links…

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  1. Good article I came across:

    Why LSU fans are frustrated (Posted on 10/25/13 at 3:24 pm)Great article by a buddy of mine. Worth reading although some of you will be too lazy to read. Article from Premsports: (Facebook blog) Why LSU fans are so frustrated: First, allow me to lay down some facts. Did you know which state leads the country pretty much year in and out in producing NFL team per capita? Louisiana. 2013 is no different with Louisiana having 1 NFL player for every 73,119 people. With a total of 62 players this year in the league, Louisiana, to no surprise, ranks as #1, again. Did you know that this year in the ESPN 300, the top 300 high school football recruits in America per ESPN, Louisiana has 18 players? Three of the top ten are from Louisiana. Six are in the top 30 and 8 are in the top 50. Not to mention, there are 16 Louisiana players already listed in the top 300 for 2015. Of the 18 players in this years class, seven are still uncommitted and Bama has three committed, two of which are in the top five Louisiana players. Did you also know that Louisiana is the only Gulf Coast state to have only one BCS contending university in its state? And when considering the rest of the south, Louisiana is one of three states along with Arkansas and Missouri, if they can even be classified as “southern”, to have only one BCS contending school in their state. Why is that important? Since the BCS in 1998, 11 National Champions have come from colleges in a Gulf coast state. A total of 16 colleges in a Gulf coast state have made it to the actual BCS game. Did you know that LSU produced the second most NFL players out of all colleges according to the 2013 week 1 official rosters? No, Alabama was not number one, USC was by one player. Alabama was actually way down at a three way tied at number seven. Did you know that besides LSU, there are currently almost 40 other players in the SEC who are from Louisiana. If we just looked at teams ranked ahead of LSU, over a dozen of these Louisiana kids are listed in their programs depth chart as being in the starting rotating. What does all this mean? Simple, as long as LSU has decent recruiting and decent coaching, they will be a top program. Why? Because of the talent lying in its front and back yard. A dynasty does not have to be created at LSU because the pieces to the puzzle are already at its fingertips. Obviously in recruiting you will not get every player from your state, but when teams are constantly coming in and pulling some of your states best talent away, something is wrong. I talked to two high school football coaches this past week. One played under Nick Saban and the other other under Les Miles but began being recruited under Saban. This particular coach who played under Les told me, “what LSU has right now as a program under Les Miles as our states flagship university, is an embarrassment. You attend practice and it is like you’re at a high school recess. You actually have kids sitting on their butts, not taking a knee, sitting on their butts at practice. This would have never even come close to happening if Saban was here. This is the difference between success and dominance.” Those words “success” versus “dominance” rang in my ear. As I began to dwell on the thought, everything made sense. Some people at LSU are satisfied with simply being successful. What do I mean by successful? More wins than losses, a chance at a SEC championship, and a bowl game. These people are satisfied because they remember the hell of being a fan in the 90′s. Was is a lack of talent in the 90′s? Of course not. Must I remind you of the 1997 game versus Florida? The problem was obvious. Our program had no structure, no identity, and no organization. It was chaotic because of our horrific coaching staff in the early-mid 90′s. Now, some fans, are SATISFIED because it is not then. Bama, on the other hand, demands dominance. And they have found a coach with the same expectations. He recruits the best and most dominate players. Where he is often found? In Louisiana. He doesn’t stop there though, he demands perfection in every aspect of the game. If you every notice, he is never caught off guard. His game plans may fail, but he quickly makes adjustments and then dominates. If you look at the 2003 National Championship year at LSU and this year at Alabama, the numbers are comparable. In 2003, only two teams scored more than 14 points. A tough loss to Florida 19-7 and a blowout vs Arkansas 55-24. LSU scored over 17 points the entire year except once in its only loss to Florida. And in what is suppose to be a down year for Bama this year, they have scored no less than 25 points per game and have only given up more than 10 points once, in a win versus the Heisman Trophy winner. That is consistency. The stock of players has not decreased at LSU, but the demands of those players have. LSU is looking in all of the wrong places for answers. Zack Mettenberger and Cam Cameron can not do it nor can John Chavis do it, it must be the head coach. The demands and expectations are standardized by him. Once consistency left LSU’s program, so did dominance. Now, being good is accepted, even from a lot of the fan base. It is not that the bayou bengals should never lose, but it is how they lose. Heck, it is even how they win, it is ugly. The standard of dominance is no longer there for most. For some, they realize that Louisiana has the best talent pool in the country, and for LSU to have two losses this season is unacceptable. Not to mention the Ole Miss loss in 09, or the ugly Tennessee win in 2010, the Clemson and Alabama debacle in 2012, the National Championship versus Alabama in 2012, etc. How the Tigers approach games and are conservative in games is ludacris. Les Miles is being made a laughing stock by all media outlets and his stupidity has made rival fans always feel like they have a chance to win versus LSU. Be satisfied all you want Tiger fans with mediocre seasons and you will continue to be the stepchild in the SEC to others. But if the demands from the fan base to head coach will set the bar of accepting no less than pure dominance, then LSU shall become the envy of every college team in America. Why? Because LSU has the most passionate fans and Louisiana produces the best talent in the country. With a lot of discipline, those football players at LSU will simply be unstoppable. It is up to you Tiger fans, where will you raise the bar? At success or dominance? Why settle for baloney when you can have steak? Something has to change