Miles expects Williford to play


LSU coach Les Miles said Wednesday morning that he expects reserve guard Josh Williford to be able to play in the season opener against Oregon on Saturday night in Arlington, Texas.

Williford, who has been sidelined by an injured foot, returned to practice Tuesday, Miles said during the Southeastern Conference’s weekly coaches teleconference. The coach added that despite a series of preseason injuries, including guard Josh Dworaczyk being sidelined indefinitely while he awaits knee surgery, he expects the line to be healthy across the two-deep depth chart on the line.

When asked how he was able to stick to a daily routine for preparation amid a series of off-the-field developments during preseason practice, Miles said, “I don’t know if I did a very good job. We’ll have to see (Saturday night).”

Miles said the players did a “really good job” of putting behind them the police investigation into a bar fight that led to the arrest of quarterback Jordan Jefferson and linebacker Josh Johns.

“Our preparation has been good,” he said. “We have not lost focus because of the distractions.”

Miles said it’s always a “great relief” to finish summer camp and get into the first game week, but probably more so this season because of the distractions.

Miles said “I expect a lot out of Jarrett Lee” as Lee takes over for Jefferson as the starting quarterback. The coach credited Lee for having a big hand in the Tigers’ 10-2 record as he played in 11 games in relief of Jefferson.

“He’s looking forward, and so are we, to seeing him play a full game from start to finish,” Miles said. “I expect him to operate the offense better than he ever has.”


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