Miles speaks; We listen

Les Miles speaks with the media every Monday before that week’s game. We bring the interesting nuggets to you here.

  • Miles opened by paying tribute to the late Joe Dean, LSU’s former athletic director and basketball star. “The path we’re on here is based on, in part, his vision.”
  • Miles watched the wacky weekend of college football over the weekend during the bye. “If there’s anything better than college football, I haven’t found it.”
  • Miles on Manziel: “If there’s a better player in college football, I’d like to know who he is.”
  • LSU hasn’t played in Tiger Stadium in a month. “We’re looking forward to” that. “Can’t wait,” he said.
  • Miles touched on how Manziel is a more “capable” passer than last season. “Seems to be stronger and (have) the ability to throw it.” Miles said A&M has a better offense than last season. “Certainly, they’re better.”
  • How to defend Johnny? “Some of the things we used a year ago we’ll use, some we’ll not. … I think we have a nice scheme, a variety of ways to pressure him. Disguise some coverage. Get in the backfield. Move him when we can.”
  • Miles on holding possession and keeping the ball away from Manziel and the offense. “What we’re looking to do it maintain the ball and drive the length of the field. But you have to get seven points too.”
  • LSU slowed Manziel down last season. How? “We played our defense. … You have to be smart enough to make adjustments. We’re going to do similar things. Not necessarily what we exactly did a year ago.”
  • Miles on WR Mike Evans, A&M’s lead wideout: “He’s going to be a great challenge for us. Our guys are looking forward to it.”
  • Miles on Odell Beckham Jr.: “Impossible to cover him one on one.”
  • Miles on Mettenberger’s healthy (the QB said he sprained his ankle against Alabama:¬†“He’s going to practice. He practiced all three (practiced) last week.” Miles said Mettenberger had more of a contusion, not sprain.
  • Miles on Manziel’s elusiveness: “It’s an amazing thing.” Manziel often carries the ball with one hand has he’s galloping around. “It’s the darnest thing I’ve seen.”
  • Miles on what chasing Manziel means to the depth/fatigue of a D: “We’re going to play at least two deep and in some spots three.”
  • Miles says LSU is “interested in that style of quarterback,” referring to Manziel. “We look forward to the guy who can throw it and run it.” Miles, though, said LSU will still hand it off to a RB. LSU has two dual-threat QBs in Anthony Jennings and new signee Brandon Harris. It’s “the future of college football.”
  • Miles says he’s “not looking forward” to a shootout this Saturday. “I want the defense to stop them. I like my defense. I think they’ll be a challenge to A&M.”
  • Miles on the end of the Georgia-Auburn game: “I did the first thing very much like the fan, as the receiver … the Lord blessed that man.” … Said Miles: “That’s college football.”
  • Miles on recruiting ¬†battles with A&M lately, since they joined the SEC. “We’ve run across them at times. We recognize some of the guys they have there.”
  • Miles on fake punt again Bama and having the D out there: “We didn’t attack line of scrimmage. The linebackers went running away with the counter.” Saban said he ran the fake punt because LSU put its D back on the field after the timeout. “If he’s telling me he wants to run fake punts against our defensive alignments, I’ll listen and be ready next time.”