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Ex-LSU QB Hayden Rettig: The system wasn’t a fit

Former LSU and current Rutgers quarterback Hayden Rettig left the football program because offensive coordinator Cam Cameron’s system didn’t fit with the pro-style type QB, he told in a story earlier this year.

Hayden Rettig was one of three reserve quarterbacks to transfer from LSU in the off-season. (Patrick Dennis)

Hayden Rettig was one of three reserve quarterbacks to transfer from LSU in the off-season. (Patrick Dennis)

“The system wasn’t a fit,” Rettig said. “The guy (OL coach Greg Studrawa) who recruited me there got fired from his position, and it just wasn’t feeling like home. It just changed in such a dramatic way where it just wasn’t where I needed to be at the time. I needed to find myself and figure out what I wanted to do.”

The story says that, “Cameron’s offense calls for a mobile quarterback, which doesn’t mesh with the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Rettig’s skill set.”

Rettig was one of three reserve quarterbacks to leave the program over the off-season. Stephen Rivers transferred to Vanderbilt, and Rob Bolden left for Eastern Michigan.

Rettig is in line to compete for the starting quarterback job for the Scarlet Knights next season. He’s sitting out this year via transfer rules.

Times of Interest: LSU vs. Texas A&M

LSU's last trip to Kyle Field in 2012 was a good one. (Travis Spradling)

LSU’s last trip to Kyle Field in 2012 was a good one. (Travis Spradling)

12:40 p.m.                            Team Thanksgiving Dinner at Faculty Club
1:40 p.m.                              Team departs campus (from Faculty Club)
2:30 p.m.                              Charter flight departs Baton Rouge Airport
3:30 p.m.                              Team arrives in Houston    
5 p.m.                                   Team arrives at La Torretta Resort in Montgomery
3:25 p.m.                              Team departs hotel for stadium 
4:30 p.m.                              Team arrives at stadium
6:28 p.m.                              LSU takes the field
6:29 p.m.                              Texas A&M takes the field
6:29 p.m.                              Coin toss at midfield                       
6:32 p.m.                              Kickoff: LSU at Texas A&M on ESPN   

One “Odell Of A Catch,” LSU coach Les Miles says Beckham constantly made one-handed grabs while at LSU

In Monday’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” blog on, Peter King takes an in depth look into the spectacular one-handed touchdown grab made by LSU rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for the New York Giants in their 31-28 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

King got in touch with LSU coach Les Miles, who said: ““I’m not one for social media, but I’m told a lot of our players were on there tonight after the catch saying, ‘That’s nothing compared to what he did in practice.’ You have to understand: We have seen this before. I just want you to know that.”

Miles told King that Beckham and LSU rookie receiver Jarvis Landry, currently playing for the Miami Dolphins, pushed each other during Tigers practices last year.

” “I think—and I might be wrong—it was Jarvis who started making the one-handed catches at practice. And when he did it, Odell had to do it. At first, you know, the coach in me said, ‘Use two hands!’ But there are some catches you can’t use two hands to make. There are some balls you’ll just never get two hands on.”

Here is the story

Live updates during the Monday lunch press conference of LSU coach Les Miles

Live Blog Live updates during the Monday lunch press conference of LSU coach Les Miles

Best Catch Ever? Odell Beckham reels in one-handed TD grab

During the New York Giants game Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, former LSU receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made a one-handed touchdown catch that had social media asking this: Was it the best catch ever?

Here’s a Vine of the catch from Steve Noah, tweeted out by ex-LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu:

How I Voted: Week 13

Blake Sims and Alabama are No. 2 in the nation - the only change in our top nine. (AP)

Blake Sims and Alabama are No. 2 in the nation – the only change in our top nine. (AP)

How I Voted will be a weekly blog in which Ross Dellenger reveals his AP Top 25 voting with a blurb on each explaining that team’s ranking.

1. Florida State

2. Alabama (UP 1)

3. Oregon (DOWN 1)

4. Mississippi State

5. TCU

6. Baylor

7. Ohio State

8. Georgia

9. Kansas State

10. Michigan State (UP 1)

11. UCLA (UP 1)

12. Wisconsin (UP 1)

13. Arizona (UP 1)

14. Auburn (UP 1)

15. Missouri (UP 1)

16. Arizona State (UP 1)

17. Georgia Tech (UP 4)

18. Minnesota (NR)

19. Ole Miss (DOWN 9)

20. Louisville (NR)

21. Oklahoma (NR)

22. Clemson (NR)

23. Colorado State (UP 2)

24. Marshall

25. Utah (DOWN 7)

  • Others considered: Arkansas, Nebraska
  • Biggest jump: Minnesota went from unranked to No. 18 after its comeback win at Nebraska.
  • Biggest fall: Ole Miss plummeted nine spots to No. 19 after being blown out 30-0 at Arkansas.
  • Questionable move: We jumped Alabama over Oregon to the No. 2 spot for nothing that happened this week. The Tide just has so many more quality wins on its schedule.
  • Newbies: 18 Minnesota, 20 Louisville, 21 Oklahoma, 22 Clemson
  • Dropped out: 19 Nebraska, 20 Duke 22, Notre Dame, 24 Southern Cal

LSU bowl projections: Week 13

Trying to figure out where LSU’s going bowling this season?

So are the “experts.”

The Tigers’ 17-0 loss to Arkansas further muddled LSU’s postseason prospects

Among 16 national bowl projections the Tigers are picked to go to seven different bowls. The top pick with only four guesses is the Liberty Bowl. At least there is consensus there, with LSU facing West Virginia.

Bowl bids will be announced Dec. 7. For more on the new bowl selection process, read here.


  • Bill Bender, The Sporting News: Texas Bowl vs. Texas
  • Greg Ostendorf (SEC blogger) and Jake Trotter (Big 12 blogger), Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia
  • Outback Bowl vs. Wisconsin
  • Outback Bowl vs. Michigan State
  • Brad Crawford, Belk Bowl vs. Notre Dame
  • Zac Ellis, Taxslayer Bowl vs. Penn State
  • Jason Kirk, Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia
  • Steve Lassan, Athlon Sports: Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia
  • Brett McMurphy, Taxslayer Bowl vs. Duke
  • Dave Miller, Texas Bowl vs. Texas
  • Jerry Palm, Texas Bowl vs. West Virginia
  • Brant Parsons, Orlando Sentinel: Belk Bowl vs. Clemson
  • Mark Schlabach, Music City Bowl vs. Boston College
  • Erick Smith, Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia
  • Phil Steele, Belk Bowl vs. Notre Dame
  • Jim Tomlin, Tampa Bay Times: Citrus Bowl vs. Nebraska


LSU’s postseason address depends on a couple of factors. The major one is whether the Tigers beat Texas A&M on Thanksgiving Day to finish 8-4 or lose to slide to 7-5. At 8-4, LSU will look more appealing to bowls willing to lobby the SEC – which will slot teams into the six bowls the Tigers are likely headed for: the Outback, Taxslayer, Texas, Liberty, Music City and Belk. At 7-5, LSU doesn’t have much of a pulse or leverage to get a more appealing bowl trip for itself. One prediction from Jim Tomlin of the Tampa Bay Times has LSU going to the Citrus Bowl, but that likely came before the Arkansas loss. At 8-4 the Tigers could still maybe go back to the Outback Bowl but likely would wind up in the Taxslayer (formerly Gator) Bowl or the Texas Bowl, which would be the preferred I-10 corridor destinations for LSU. A major issue with the Texas Bowl is the prospect of a Texas A&M-Texas game between these two contentious rivals. There are reports the SEC would block such a game, but clearly it would be THE best matchup the Texas Bowl could get and would definitely send the Tigers packing elsewhere. If LSU loses to A&M and the Longhorns-Aggies matchup does happen, LSU could go anywhere – but probably still not the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina for geographic reasons. If LSU’s 7-5 and the Texas Bowl is blocked, the Tigers may wind up in the Liberty or even the Music City bowls.


  • Liberty Bowl: Dec. 29, Memphis
  • Texas Bowl: Dec. 29, Houston
  • Belk Bowl, Dec. 30, Charlotte
  • Music City Bowl, Dec. 30, Nashville
  • Citrus Bowl, Jan. 1, Orlando
  • Outback Bowl, Jan. 1, Tampa
  • Taxslayer Bowl: Jan. 2, Jacksonville


LSU football coach Les Miles ranks No. 7 among NCAA football coach salaries

MilesLSU football coach Les Miles had the seventh-highest salary among NCAA college football coaches with a total of $4,369,582 in pay last year, according to research from USA Today.

Miles is paid $4.3 million from LSU and made $69,582 in outside income, as reported by The Advocate in July.


Alabama coach Nick Saban tops the list with a total salary of $7,160,187.

Ragin’ Cajuns coach Mark Hudspeth ranks No. 71 on the list with an annual salary of $1 million and $3,156 in outside pay.

Click here to see the full USA Today database.

Wednesdays With Les: Porter likely done; Vadal back; Miles on QB situation

(Angela Major)

(Angela Major)

LSU coach Les Miles, on Wednesdays during game weeks, speaks publicly three different times. Follow his comments here throughout the day.

Radio show

Les Miles says that true freshman quarterback Brandon Harris is closing the gap between he and starter Anthony Jennings.

“Right now the guy who gives us the chance to make the other 10 players best is still Anthony Jennings,” Miles said, “but the difference between the two (QBs) is becoming closer.”

  • Miles on LSU offense vs. Texas A&M: “I think you’ll find that there will be a number of small changes. A little wrinkle here and there.”
  • At one point during the show, Miles said this when a caller criticized Jennings: “Miles on Jennings struggles: “It’s a lot easier when you have veteran receivers who are always where they’re supposed to be.”
  • Miles said LSU had a “terrible day” on offense against Arkansas and mentioned, again, that the Razorbacks used their off week to come up with a good game plan against the Tigers’ offense.


LSU could be without center Elliott Porter for the game against Texas A&M and the bowl game, coach Les Miles said Wednesday. That would end the senior’s career.

Porter injuried his ankle in the loss at Arkansas when running back Terrence Magee rolled into the back of his leg.

“Elliott, not so certain about this game, not so certain about the bowl game,” Miles said on Porter.

Left guard Vadal Alexander, who injured his hand in the loss to Alabama, will return for the game against Texas A&M on Thanksgiving Night.

With Porter likely out against the Aggies, Ethan Pocic will start at center, and Evan Washington will likely play right guard, Miles said.

  • Miles on Arkansas loading the box against LSU to stop the run: “We noticed that they had a nice little game plan. They really did. We needed not be as predictable – run and pass. We needed to hit. When we go to pass it, we need to complete it and throw better. Not throwing the ball like we can. We’ll throw the ball better in this game.”
  • Miles on Jennings’ performance against the Hogs: “He miss-threw two balls on the day. For the most part, played OK. And still needs to play better.”
  • Why does Jennings give LSU the best chance to win: “Takes care of the ball. Makes 10 other players better,” Miles said.
  • Miles said he’s “not ready to say” that Harris will play at Texas A&M, which is different from what the coach has said in the past. Miles has said for the last few weeks that Harris would play or have the opportunity to play. The freshman has not played significant time since his struggling start at Auburn.
  • So what’s Miles want to see from Harris? “The position takes some time. It’s motion, check, read the play. It’s an encompassing position. Certainly those are the things going to get him to the field. He has a natural arm, he can run and he’s competitive. We like him a lot. But is he … hopefully by the time we get to Saturday he’ll have taken some more steps and allows us to get him into the game.”
  • Jennings has taken criticism from fans for his play, specifically on Twitter. Said Miles: “He’s awfully motivated. Period. Nobody has to try to motivate him again. He understands what being the quarterback means. (The criticism is) not really the fan base. It’s the erratic and those guys whose opinions must be heard, which are not necessarily the fan base speaking out. Not necessarily with real information. They have the opportunity in social media and so they use it.”

SEC teleconference

LSU coach Les Miles said the Tigers have “assessed” things during their bye week, and the team is finding answers during the down time before the game against Texas A&M on Thanksgiving Night.

“We’re putting our collective thoughts together and looking forward to approaching the open week with good, quality answers,” the coach said. “We’ve kind of assessed some of the things we’re doing right and wrong and direction for our team.”

LSU (7-4, 3-4) enters a season finale tied with its worst record in Miles’ 10 years. The Tigers have lost two straight after winning three in a row.

  • Miles and LSU players were not injured during Arkansas’ field rushing, the coach said. Arkansas fans stormed the field after beating LSU for the Hogs’ first SEC win in two years. “It was certainly a wild scene,” the coach said.