Signing Day chat with Gary Laney, Scott Rabalais and Les East, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.



  1. I am concerned with the lack of DIVERSITY with the signing class. This is the 2nd consecutive year that miles has failed to sign 1 single player from the state of Louisisana who is white. Last year he signed a kicker from Texas and Zach M and this year, 2 OL from out of state. With all of the focus on DIVERSITY today, shouldn’t that include college football as well! It is certainly an issue within the coaching ranks!

  2. Alonzo Moore signed with Nebraska at 9:00 am. Hasn’t heard from LSU coaches in weeks….more like months. Some of the LSU coaches loved him…..some didn’t want him. Gonzales called and offered Alonzo the day he left LSU…a couple of the other LSU coaches were very high on him as well….but a couple other coaches at LSU gave Alonzo the thumbs down last summer, and the coaches who wanted Alonzo got vetoed. Anyone who says that LSU was “on Alonzo Moore” all this time is lying. They have totally blown him off for several weeks now. They get what they deserve!

  3. I notice that there are still ESPN rated players that have not signed nor committed. However, they are mostly out West in PAC 12 coverage. Not much of a delayed opportunity there.