Signing day, LSU recruits

LSU has 22 signees so far:

Vadal Alexander, OL, Buford Ga.

Ronnie Feist, LB, West St. John

Reid Ferguson, DS, Buford, Ga.

Jeremy Hill, RB, Redemptorist

Lamar Louis, Ath., Breaux Bridge

Jalen Mills, CB, DeSoto, Texas

Jeremy Liggins, QB, Oxford, Miss.

Trey Granier, LB, Thibodaux

Deion Jones, LB, Jesuit HS

Corey Thompson, S, Missouri City, Texas Elkins

Derrick Raymond, CB, East Jefferson

Dillon Gordon, TE, John Curtis

Jerald Hawkins, OL, West St. Mary

Danielle Hunter, DE, Katy, Texas Morton Ranch

Dwayne Thomas, CB, OP Walker

Kwon Alexander, LB, Oxford, Ala.

Lorenzo Phillips, LB, Patterson

Travin Dural, WR, Breaux Bridge

Kavahra Holmes, WR, Breaux Bridge

Jerquinick Sandolph, CB, Hahnville

Derek Edinburgh, OL, Karr

Avery Johnson, WR, Pompano Beach, Fla.




  1. Just think all that were lost from the BCS game. Worst coached and played game in 50 years. Still PO’d

    1. if u think this recruting class had anything to do with theNCG, u r very young and immature and know nothing about football. LSU still had one of the top seasons in NCAA history, SEC champs, Coach of the Year, Hiesman candidate,etc., besides Collins, certain last min events occured that caused a few problems,BUT, because of this communties constant negative bashing of the most successful team in the past 10 yrs u r begining to get in these kids head that somethings wrong, and it is, its u ,the fan, u better realize what u have an stop gripping about everything or the THE FANS, not the coaches r gonna kill this program, dont blame Miles when u get what u deserve.

  2. C W, you are absolutely right. As you said, you can tell the recruiting virgins when they act like losing 1 game means squat….it doesn’t. In fact, those who follow recruiting yourself obviously and myself know that many recruits make decisions about schools on official visits where the host team actually loses. I also know from Johnny’s absurd statements that he probably isn’t even an LSU fan but just a fan from another school flaming here. BTW, for the record, LSU GAINED more signees than commits they lost after the NC game. So, I guess LSU needs to lose the final game every season if that means the recruiting success we had at the end of this season. Or maybe Johnny boy thinks that getting 4 very highly ranked players (Alexander, Thompson, Phillips, and Liggins) in the last 10 days is failure. LOL!