T-Bob causes a stir

LSU guard T-Bob Hebert did not play because of injury today, but he has still managed to cause a stir.

On Twitter, Hebert had this to say: “Anybody who booed #jj9 (Jordan Jefferson) today needs to stop watching #LSU games and stop cheering for the tigers, we don’t need you and don’t want you.”

If you missed it, when Jordan Jefferson entered the game for the first time on a fourth-and-goal at the 1, the move was met by boos from many of the 92,660 in Tiger Stadium. Jefferson scored a touchdown anyway.

Hebert’s remarks were echoed by teammates post-game and by LSU coach Les Miles, who said he can’t imagine why fans would boo a player who’s trying his best for LSU.

Did you boo? And if you did, why?


  1. Will do T-Bob!
    Thank you LSU for ruining the college football experience we look forward to and enjoy every year. We had to turn off the game mid 1st quarter after Jefferson was trotted on to the field to “save the day”. LSU should have been penalized for 12 players breaking the huddle as they pulled off this cute move but their penalty goes well beyond the yardage they could have and should have lost. They have insulted and lost the respect of any fan who values decency and character.

    Jarred Lee has been an inspiration and role model for young people everywhere. He has exemplified sportsmanship, character, loyalty, and determination. Lee may be the only person of character on that field today in a sport that more often that not rewards thuggish behavior. What lesson is to be learned now? LSU is undeserving of his loyalty and unselfish service.

    I can’t express how completely disgusted I am with what was done today. So long LSU. I’ll never support you again and may just call it quits altogether with this farce they call college sports and student athletes.

    Disgusted Alumnus and Former Fan

  2. I think, observing the folks around me at the game, the boos were meant for Miles, for putting Jefferson in, in that situation. The coaches had called three vanilla dive plays which everyone expects from LSU in that situation, then sent in Jefferson. I think everyone realizes that if put in, Jefferson is going to try his best. Jefferson doesn’t control when he plays. Just my thoughts.

  3. T-BOB needs to shut up about people booing. He don’t have a clue as to what it means, or feels like to be a Quarterback. I think it was pretty CHICKENSHIT of Less Nessman, uh, Miles, to allow Lee to bring the team to the 1 yard line and then let George Jefferson, uh, I mean Jordan Jefferson, score the touchdown. No matter what Lee admits to others, it hurts when all you hear from the media is; ” Jefferson was in for only one play, and he scores a touchdown.” That’s BULLSHIT! Miles ought to be ashamed of himself. Of course, I don’t think he’s smart enough to be ashamed. Signed, Damn Mad

  4. I was not at the game but watched it on tv. I think most fans booed because of the timing of Jefferson entering the game. Lee is the one who drove the team down the field and then Jefferson was put in the make the one yard touchdown. If Les would have waited until the 3rd quarter to bring Jefferson into the game I don’t think many fans would have mined as much.

  5. T-Bob. Many are upset with the questionable character of a “leader”. Did JJ9 kick someone in the head after he was already beat down? The grand jury said there was not enough evidence to support a felony, but said nothing about his innocence. I feel sure you were there. Answer the question EVERYONE wants to know the truth about. If he didn’t, make that statement publically and get this over with, unless you feel you must “have his back”, which allows your silence to speak volumes. Get off the fans. Most are tired of jocks feeling they deserve special treatment for their bad behavior with no accountability. P.S.- That applies to you too.

  6. Awesome T-bob !! How do you boo anyone that’s has more to lose than the kids put their bodies on the line all for the sake of representing LSU and that’s not fair .T-bob is a real team player and he stands for team and not individual awards that some of these selfish people stand for .T-Bob for team warrior of the year.!!! It’s the dumb a!&’s that boo’d that young man that really make the” TigerNation” look bad in front of the whole nation. “Go Tigers hear them roar”!!

  7. There seems to be a misconception as to who was being booed. Tiger fans were not booing JJ, they were booing coach Miles for not letting Lee finish the drive. If Miles wanted to work Jefferson back into the system, he could have used Jefferson on some plays during a drive.