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Honey Badger tells the NFL Network that smoking marijuana is no longer a priority

Apparently Tyrann Mathieu has learned his lesson about smoking marijuana.

According to post on profootballtalk.nbcsports.com, Mathieu said on the NFL Network: ““All the things I put before football in the past, it’s not fun anymore — marijuana and everything you put before football is obsolete now.”

Mathieu, who said he has been smoking marijuana since he was “12 or 13,” said it was a struggle to quit the drug, but that’s just what he has done.

Those could be just the words that NFL teams looking to draft Mathieu need to hear or read before the upcoming NFL Draft.

Of course, don’t think for a second that the Honey Badger doesn’t know this, and that’s why he was so forthcoming.

Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer unimpressed by bench-press reps by Honey Badger

Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu was only able to bench press 225 pounds four times at the NFL Scouting Combine, and that number has Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer concerned.

Zimmer questioned on the NFL Network today whether Mathieu had been working hard lifting weights.

Here is the story.

Sports Illustrated looks at Tyrann Mathieu

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