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Reading Putin’s Face

Here’s a section of my Sunday toon. 4-20-14-SKYBOX

Government Transparency

Is the early promise of the Obama Administration, to be the most open in history, a faded dream? A small section of tomorrow’s toon4-18-14-SKYBOX

Congrats to the cartoon Caption Contest Winners

Political cartooning can be quite a contact sport. The majority of the calls and emails I get are from folks who are angry or extremely frustrated….. or both!

The cartoon caption contests are a chance to take a step back and just have some fun with readers. And from the hundreds of entries we’ve received it looks like you guys are indeed having fun, as am I.

One of the great joys of these contests is that I get to call the winners and finalists to tell them they’ve been chosen. It is always such a thrill to hear just how excited folks get when they are told.

Congrats to all who enter—- Your stuff has been great!


Deranged KKK Gunman

A section of tomorrow’s cartoon….4-15-14-SKYBOX

Hillary vs. Jeb??

Fasten your Seat Belts. A section of Sunday toon….4-13-14-SKYBOX

Money in Politics

Different styles of voting in tomorrow’s toon. Here’s a section of the rough.elections FB

Kissing Congressman ducks for cover

A piece of tomorrow’s rough sketchMcAllisterFB

Sneak Peek at Tuesday’s toon

Ukraine Headlock!4-8-14-SKYBOX

Caption Contest Coming Monday

Here’s a small piece of the rough sketch to get you started…..ContestFB