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Fat Tuesday

Small section of my Mardi Gras toon2-9-16-Skybox

Post Iowa Spin

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Tuesday toon

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Monumental Ruling

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Plowing time

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Truth in Politics

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LA Economy

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The Palin Endorsement

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Aging Boomers

Tomorrow’s cartoon is on a topic I know a lot about — because I’m an aging  Boomer.

Memory not as quite as sharp…Knee hurts…Hearing not bad but not like when I was 25…Make strange noises getting out of a chair…Memory fading… Wearing glasses… Memory fading…

It’s sad to see so many icons from my youth begin to fade away. But they rocked it until the end and that’s  a fitting metaphor for the BB generation. Here’s a small section of tomorrow’s toon.   1-20-16-Skybox