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B-B-Bumpy R-R-Ride

Small section of Wednesday toon…7-30-14-SKYBOX

Middle East Peace?

Small section of tomorrow’s toon…7-29-14-SKYBOX

Upcomong Sunday toon

Here’s a small section7-27-14-SKYBOX

Close-up of rough sketch #2

Here’s a piece of my upcoming Sunday toonReed FB

Close-up of Rough Sketch

Here’s a piece of tomorrow’s toonFlyFB

Sunday toon on Middle East

7-20-14-SKYBOX 7-20-14-NO-WEB-TOON

Sleepless Nights

Small section of tomorrow’s toon about global conflicts7-18-14-SKYBOX

Singing Bobby Jindal!

New animation coming out Monday morning. Here are some still frames form this sing- along… Enjoy!BoatMapDuckTruck

Reigning in Obama

The High Court rules on Obama Administration’s recess appointments. Here’s a small section of Friday’s toon6-27-14-SKYBOX