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10-year long Oil leak?!!

Small section of Sunday’s toon4-19-15-SKYBOX

Pelicans in the Playoffs!

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Bobby Jindal rolls into Baton Rouge

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Here comes Hillary

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Darren Sharper

Former NFL (and Saints) star, Darren Sharper, will have to undergo something called “Penile Monitoring” while on probation in Arizona. I’ve never heard of anything like this but he deserves all that he gets for his heinous acts against women.

Here’s a small section of my Sunday cartoon.


What does video of cop shooting man in back tell us?

The truth, The horrible truth and nothing but the truth.  Small section of Friday cartoon….4-10-15-SKYBOX

Jack and Jill

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Jindal’s 2015 Agenda

Gearing up to dismantle Common Core4-7-15-SKYBOX

The Framework

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