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Friday and Sunday toons…..

Here are 2 pieces of artwork from Friday and Sunday’s toons. Got ‘em done early so I can begin work on my new animation….1-30-15-SKYBOX



Productivity Spike

Small section of tomorrow’s toon…1-28-15-SKYBOX

GOP Plow

Small section of Tuesday toon1-27-15-SKYBOX

The Handoff

Small section of Friday1-23-15-SKYBOX‘s toon…..

“No-Go Zone”

Small section of tomorrow’s toon….1-21-15-SKYBOX

BP still spewing!

Small section of Tuesday’s toon…..1-20-15-SKYBOX

Hottest year on record…

and getting hotter! Small section of Sunday toon…..1-18-15-SKYBOX

Back in the Day

Small section of tomorrow’s toon….1-16-15-SKYBOX

NOLA up in smoke…

Small section of Wednesday toon….1-14-15-SKYBOX


Obama missing as other World leaders rally in Paris1-13-15-WEB